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Homine is my favorite you can cook the heck out of it. I wanna make a homine porchini hash for like a glazed chop or maybe just cloud talk
The Top Ramen :(  But night before last I made a shrimp sandwich (shrimp sauteed in oil then coconut milk & reduce). It would have been bomb if I had mayo but my fridge broke and was out of condments. The sweet dark Russian bread was great but I shouldn't have toasted it.
if you cant beat em, then join em. or find our who stole your stuff and kick their ass.
It should be easy for you who have already much professional experience, just jump though the hoops like the rest have done until your in the ****ing zone!   2c 4 u
After hours work on the line. Now there's a great idea. These guys are a handful at work. Trying to get myself there is quite the challenge. Tired, just worked double on 3hrs sleep. Thanks for shining some light on the subject. My family's all engineers and psychologists so chef talk sages, you're my hero.
Hey to those of the kitchen,         First off to introduce myself, I'm a guy, 27 years old and finishing up culinary school, I'm fascinated with the culinary arts, stoked to peaches on the high anxiety of the kitchen and plan on spending my days ascending the ladder, traveling and yada yada. I'm currently a dishwasher at a fine dining New York Classic style cafe that does 250+ lunches and about the same on dinner (California).   Here's the situation: The sous...
I was excited to read your post. I equate the cast iron with the flame broiler as well cause it will caremelize and char like  a champ. In fact I couldn't complain if I never had a grill cause the little cast iron pan I have is so awsome.       Just today, I made some excellent carne asada tacos. Check it out :)   Marinade carne asada in onion scraps, soy sauce and assorted seasonings min. 10 minutes   Heat Skillet to med high and toast one side of small...
Woop! I like it. Genious design. Great members. endless banter.
Mozo's are incredibly light and durable (one piece molded synthetic). They look kickass too. I haven't found any weaknesses after a week know, & $70 for the chef design is generous on their part. Why Mozo's though? the name sounds like what you would call the slouches at a dive bar at 6am.. Is that who we are to them? Oh I'm rambling, just got off of double duty. later then.
Wow. Don't mean to tease, but it seems like a very cool job. I'm 26 years old with 6 months experience. Just creeping into the line and stuff. Good luck getting an enthusiastic and serious professional into the kitchen! Maybe I'll catch you guys in 10 years!
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