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What's the difference? The glass stones are a bit more $, so what are the advantages/disadvantages to both? Just curious. Switching my obsessions from the knives to stones....
http://benchcrafted.com/Magblok.html   these are sweet.
want either the Naninwa 3000 Super Stone or Imanishi 4000 to go between my bester 1200 and arashiyama 6000. Any advice ? am I just splitting hairs here?
Phaedrus- great call. I haven't given up on the DMT plate yet. I figured it should have a good deal of life left in it. I have the course plate, not the xxcourse plate, but I think it should still do the job. Trying to figure out what everyone else uses. The drywall screen seems like a good option. Just not sure what to mount it to.
Thanks everyone. cheflayne- What do you use to hold the drywall screen in place so that it stays flat? I bought some at the hardware store, but not sure what I should mount it to. Galley Swiller- I have used the DMT plate to grind down some knives. Actually a friends knives that his brother had decided to "sharpen" using an electric sharpener and basically rendered them useless. So, there I have it. I figured it would last longer. Live and learn. I didn't find the...
All of my other knives get a great edge on them. The one knife I have difficulty with is the Global G-2. It's not bad to use on the line during service and I can get a reasonable edge on it, but it doesn't keep. I can never seem to develop a burr when sharpening. Still I get a decent edge that won't last for more than a couple weeks. Am I the only one?
*What do you flatten your stones with? I've been using one of the flatteners with the deep diagonal grooves in it. Recently I got a DMT diasharp course plate. It worked well at first, but seems to be losing its grit fairly rapidly. And the original flattener I had doesn't seem to be as course as when I first got it as well. I was thinking about getting the extra course DMT plate, but I just got the one I have only a few months ago. In my research on the plate, I did read...
WHOA! didn't see the dates of the posts. a little late i guess.
I own all of your books and will be purchasing the next one by pre-order if available.  i absolutely love them. i used to keep "culinary artistry" at work, mainly for working through ideas i had for specials. the way it is laid out made it possible to find so many compatible ingredients that i wouldn't have thought of working together. i have even given it to 2 cook friends as gifts. it is an amazing resource and one that has never let me down. i have, however,...
HA! I didn't even think to use the ring it came with. Guess I'll have to stop over thinking and get looking. Thanks
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