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I play the guitar but my favourite thing is songwriting. Big singer/songwriter music fan. Beatles, Billy Joel, Floyd.. Anyone who writes their own songs. Not as a rule but cover songs are kind of like packet mix food. They sound/taste good sometimes and can be better than some original artists/cooks... you know what I mean.   Hey my signature disappeared. I had 2 lines. It also says I changed it... weird, I swear I didn't.
I got started cooking because my mum is a good cook. My fiance can't cook at all so naturally I took the role. I'm a musician and web designer so I like being creative, food is just one of the ways I like to do this.   Looks like there's tons of really knowledgeable people on this website, I'm happy I joined.   Dan
A large dutch oven wouldn't be very practical, depends if you want to camp in the back yard on not I guess.   I've had a few miserable failures with pizza's made on BBQ's   I would definitely make the base or dough up beforehand though.
Turkey sausages! Man that sounds good, we don't get anything interesting here in New Zealand. Our meat is pretty decent quality but things like turkey only happen at Christmas time and even then it's not cheap.
Yeah Freezing some types of cheese works better than others, I'm assuming the cheese has been used by now right? I wouldn't freeze Mozzarella though it's too soft and the texture will be destroyed.
Freeze Some of it and Keep some of it in the fridge, then you'll know!   Don't use plastic though, just greaseproof paper is fine.
I haven't tried Microplane's Graters but I've heard a lot of good about them.   I prefer the flat graters for parmesan cheese.
I am a Rotary Cheese Grater fan because I just hate holding a huge block of cheese OR getting my fingers chopped. Some of the rotarys out there are a bit bulky and/or not so ergonomic. Over time they can also get harder and harder to use so this is another thing you might want to keep in mind.   Keep me updated on your progress.
What an excellent post!   I completely agree with theprivatechef.   This crazy 'natural' thing is the same for a lot of things: Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics and more. Synthetic has been proven time and time again to be better.   I know there are people who won't agree but it's a scientific claim so check out the facts and you'll see.
I've always loved cooking and I am a master at making 'packet mix' dinners haha. I'm a musician and a web designer so I like to treat cooking the same way.   This seems to be a very busy forum and probably just what I need to help my cooking hobby flourish.   I also look forward to contributing!   Dan
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