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I guess I was referring to the grilled chicken at most chain restaurants.  So you figure they are injected and it has nothing to do with the bird quality? How do you take those huge boneless breasts from the local grocer and make them tender for grilling or baking?
I'm just curious how the restaurants are able to acquire such uniformly shaped chicken breasts (boneless). What I purchase at the store is rather large and almost always tough.  The restaurant chicken is rarely tough.    Is there a secret in the chickens they use or do they all marinate in something that makes them tender?  I'd love to know the secret to having tender, juicy chicken either from the grill or oven.   Thanks, Rut
So I purchased a nice tri-ply stainless steel flat bottom wok for use on my induction stovetop.   Prepared to cook my first stirfry.   1. Heated wok very hot 2. Added grapeseed oil - enough to coat the bottom and some extra 3. Threw in the chicken and started tossing 4. Chicken cooked fine but left a lot of brown crap (fond) on bottom of pan 5. Removed chicken, added more oil and garlic and peppers and onions. 6. The garlic browned very quickly, too quickly...
Thanks for the replies. I'll give these suggestions a try
No as these are 1/8 inch thick pieces. I have done that on thicker cuts.  Also, if I put the heat up much past medium it seems to easily burn the outside.
I attempted to make Parmesan chicken last night but I don't think I'm doing it correctly.    These are the steps I followed:   1. Pour olive oil in 12 inch stainless frying pan and heat to medium 2. Flour, dredge in egg wash and then breadcrumbs. 3. Place in pan and allow to cook until brown, flip and wait for that side to brown.   Seems to have turned out ok but it seems I have to keep adding oil to the pan after each batch of 3-4 cutlets.   Is this normal or am...
We are having a gathering at our church and I have the pleasure of providing a salad.  We are expecting about 60 people. I had planned on going to Costco and either buying the precut bags of salad mix or the ingredients to cut them up myself.   How do I know how much to buy and would buying the bags be a better option?   Thanks, Rut
Two different questions concerning these topics.   I use a regular 9" springform pan for my cheesecakes (also have the type with solid sides but removable bottom). My challenge has always been to find an easy way to make the cheesecake portable.  I've tried using foil covered cardboard for the bottoms but they always seem to get wet in the water bath I cook them in (despite wrapping the outside of the pan in heavy foil).   Any suggestions on how to accomplish...
I'm a cake novice. When I try cooking a cake I usually spray the (non-stick) bundt pan with oil and coat with flour. When the cake comes out, the outer most layer (cake skin?) seems to stick to the pan. Needless to say this begats an ugly cake.   How do you get that pretty, crusty, cake that comes out of a pay properly? Thanks, Rut
Does anyone know if the reversible iron griddles with work well on an induction burner? I was concerned that the rim of the griddle would keep it off the induction element too high to work. How close does it have to be? Actually touching the surface? Thanks,   Rut
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