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We are having a gathering at our church and I have the pleasure of providing a salad.  We are expecting about 60 people. I had planned on going to Costco and either buying the precut bags of salad mix or the ingredients to cut them up myself.   How do I know how much to buy and would buying the bags be a better option?   Thanks, Rut
Two different questions concerning these topics.   I use a regular 9" springform pan for my cheesecakes (also have the type with solid sides but removable bottom). My challenge has always been to find an easy way to make the cheesecake portable.  I've tried using foil covered cardboard for the bottoms but they always seem to get wet in the water bath I cook them in (despite wrapping the outside of the pan in heavy foil).   Any suggestions on how to accomplish...
I'm a cake novice. When I try cooking a cake I usually spray the (non-stick) bundt pan with oil and coat with flour. When the cake comes out, the outer most layer (cake skin?) seems to stick to the pan. Needless to say this begats an ugly cake.   How do you get that pretty, crusty, cake that comes out of a pay properly? Thanks, Rut
Does anyone know if the reversible iron griddles with work well on an induction burner? I was concerned that the rim of the griddle would keep it off the induction element too high to work. How close does it have to be? Actually touching the surface? Thanks,   Rut
From what I read here I gather most don't like the all-clad products (although I'm not entirely clear why). But I know they are expensive and generally I believe you get what you pay for. Having said that, do you have any other brands that you would recommend? I'm all for saving money if the quality is still good.   Thanks, Rut
Yeah, I have an online CR subscription. That is where I saw there good reviews mixed with bad customer reviews. Sometimes, overwhelmingly opposite of what CR said about the product.  Hard to know how much weight to put on either. In general it does seem that the electronic controls are the culprit in most of the bad reviews.
So I've decided I'm going with an induction cooktop and now need to get a single wall oven. The problem is I can't seem to find one that has good reviews. When I look on consumer reports at the highly rated ovens, and then read the customer comments, they are completely out of sync. Almost all of them have problems with the electronic ckt boards.   Just not sure if the handful of customers that take the time to comment on the oven is a good overall indication that...
I'm considering either a dual fuel range with a gas cooktop or an induction cooktop range. The thing I'm unclear of about the induction units is it appears you are limited to having one burner per side on high while the other burner on that same side must be set to a lower power setting. I guess you are only allowed to draw but so much power per side.   Is this true for all induction cooktops (I'm talking general home ranges in the 2000-2500k range)?   Does this...
I've often heard that gas ovens are not ideal so I was looking for a good dual fuel 30" oven. Any experience on these in terms of good low heat simmering as well as high btu water boiling power?   Also, I'm very interested in those that have dual ovens in the free-standing models (or slide-in) or a warming drawer.   Thanks   Rut
I finally gave this try tonight. Close to what I'm looking for but not quite there. I'm not real sure what flavor the achiote paste contributed. The Goya juice seemed to add the most flavor.  I'll keep tweaking and testing.   Thanks
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