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But no matter what branch you choose...good luck and God bless!!!
Most of the Military is being handed over to contractors...but...I doubt many contractors would go Haze Gray and Underway. I say join the Navy...(and by the way the Submarine Service has the best chow).   Not a Chef...maybe a decent cook...(But I was a Damn Good Chief!)
Thanks for the reply BDL, I will toss the stuff and clean the kitchen. But, I am curious though, about what would cause the discoloration. I'm being a bit of a science geek here.
A silly question I'm sure, but I have never seen this before...a fairly new pkg. of unsalted butter has developed brown spots. I keep the sticks I'm using in a covered glass dish, on the counter, the sticks I'm not using are kept in the fridge...the apt is thermostat is kept at 68 degrees all the time, it doesn't smell rancid. Why is the butter turning color?
use a defuser on your flash and a reflector toe "bounce" your light onto teh subject instead of direct lighting.    
Thanks for the thoughts...but Memorial Day primarily is for remembering those that gave the ultimate sacrifice...Veteran's Day is for us the living.    On that note...I have to say gotta to love those guys and gals that slaved away in the "galleys", "Chow Halls" and "Mess Tents" you can say what you will about Navy, Army, AF, Marine Chow...we couldn't get our mission done without them. Back in AG-A School at Chanute AFB (1983)...Nothing made me happier then when I...
 Bravo Zulu...(Navy speak for Great Job!!) Welcome home my Army brother...may it be a loong while before you and your crew need to deploy again. Happy Cooking!!!  
I saw Tortilla Soup YEARS ago..I agree Eat Drink Man Woman was the better movie.    
For Durangojo...HAPPY BIRTHDAY  Ching ching!!!!!  
"i loooove anything bill bryson -- he is a hilarious writer.  highly recommend this work, esp "a walk in the woods," about his attempt to walk the appalachian trail with an equally out of shape middle aged friend..."   I loved that book...I in the middle of Bryson's "History of the Home" (Not sure if that is the correct title...I don't have the book handy) I didn't realize how much went into the development of the modern house...and his side "walk-abouts" into...
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