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i suggest you get your associates first then experience yet. New york is a very competitive city where a lot of young newly grads are starved to get a job. and ask yourself, what's your edge? you are new to this field but on the other hand you are an expert in pharmacy, if you have enough earnings then maybe you can take a chance. today, for me, it's all about doing the practical things, stick with what pays but sometimes those who takes risk end up very successful. hope...
when i boil eggs, after 3-4mins, i crack the eggs a bit, just a small crack, to make cooking faster. when the egg white sticks out then it's cooked. then remove it from the hot water then let it stay in cold water a few seconds, when it's already cool then you can already crack open the egg and viola! perfect hard-boiled egg!   -- i started my bakery with HTSB
if they are really going to require you to bake something on the spot, i suggest slacks, low-heeled shoe, a blouse with short-sleeve so you don't have to roll the sleeves, wear a blazer too and yes take your chef's coat just for emergency :)   -- i started my bakery with HTSB
hi tom and welcome to the site. :)     -- i started my bakery with HTSB
hi there! i too am not that patient when it comes to baking, so this is the site where i mostly get no-bake recipes   _____________ How I Started My Bakery
hi and welcome to the site. for sure you will enjoy your stay here. :)     ______________
great to have you here! hope you enjoy your stay, im sure you'll learn a lot. :)     ____________ How to Start Your Bakery
i like Jamie at home a lot! i love a man who can cook :)   _______________ Know How to Start Your Bakery Business Right
im eliza, new to the forum and looking forward to learning new things here.     ___________________ Know How to Start Your Bakery Business Right
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