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I agree! Richer is better! :)
In that case I don't think I'm ready for this. I'm the type who gets boggled up when things get too confusing and hard to follow in a certain recipe :( Will save this when I get to a higher level :)
So that's what deconstructed means. I've stumbled upon a food name with that word and I didn't touch it because it sounded too complicated >.<
I don't think he meant microwave but oven...although there are some baking recipes for microwaves though.
I don't actually "count" religiously but I keep an eye on the labels and make an estimate of a certain food's calorie content.
There are lots on the net Boudville you can start your search there. Then if you're not satisfied you can ask the experts here!
Alright thanks Koukouvagia! I wanted to just grate some cheese over it. Adding freshness to the recipe is a good idea but being a newbie on this I'm gonna follow everything that's on here...except for the cheese slivers :P
Yup that's even yummier! Coz of this thread I made a mango smoothie a while ago lol!
For a smoothie...uhm...any fruit plus ice and throw it in a blender!
Are the parmesan slivers really necessary or optional?
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