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Rdubins - the California Olive Oil Council has a website..... http://www.cooc.com/producers_certified.html  that lists all the California growers that are certified "Extra Virgin". I have found oil from the same trees to have very notibly different characteristics from one year to the next. I love oil as soon as it is ready. Typically they harvest in November and the oil settles a bit before it is ready. When it is super fresh it is less translucent almost milky and very...
sounds like Lactarius deliciosus - I understand it is pickled or brined in Russia. I have also heard that it tastes better there. I pass them up in favor of chanterelles as they fruit side by side where I find them. I made a chanterelle biryani recently - the main ingredients were basmati, lamb sausage, chinese celery and of course chanterelles, it was really good.
Eastshores - I was just talking with someone in South Florida that found 3 lbs of Golden Chanterelles. I had no idea they grew in Florida. Apparently now is the time and they fruit under oaks there. Also, is the Central East coast good spearfishing/freediving there? Here's a few more mushrooms.
Went up and picked yesterday and found about 80 lbs of boletes - 40lbs of Red Capped Butters (Boletus regius) and 40lbs of Spring Kings (Boletus rex-veris).
It would be anchored and/or attached to a floatline - it's use would be almost 100% for freedivers (which I am 90% of the time).
NICE BUGS!!! I'm designing a float board (kiwis would call it an "icey plat" - though none exist) for spearfishermen/divers that hunt in Florida and other warmer waters. Basically it'll be a kayak like in materials float board  that will have a water tight inside which is insulated. Here are a couple of other float boards I am bringing to the market for shore divers in California, Hawaii and elsewhere.
Eastshores - please take a few more pics, the whitish bolete looks more like Boletus barrowsii. A few photos of the undersides would help in ID. Looking forward to it. If chanterelles and barrowsii fruit in florida I have hope that Florida might be a good place to visit after all! Seriously, I can't wait to get over there for some spearfishing and lobster diving.
Baked Golden Chanterelles.....
. Boletus rex-veris fruits in the Spring and Summer in the Sierra Nevada Mountains - the season begins in late April at the low elevation of 3,500 ft and continues into July (this unusual year it'll be August) at 8,000 ft roughly. The porcini in these photos are from around 6,300 ft and they were picked 6-27-10. When I get so many I preserve many - most are dried but the very choice specimens I dry roast on a non stick then flavor up with olive oil, garlic,...
Most of the choice wild fungi seem temperatly inclined, i.e. warm summers, cool wet winters. Florida is unknown to me but I have heard morels do not fruit there. I would focus on mushrooms that don't need a mycorrhizal relationship but instead fruit on decomposing debris, e.g. Agaricus sp. (especially agustus!), lepista nuda (Blewitt), Coprinus comatus (Shaggy Mane). I would also focus on any indigenous coniferous forests that exist in Florida as a possible location for...
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