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I do also refrigerate them` - but I think I would rather be safe than sorry and stick to eating them fast if prepared that way.
well that's no good! I usually make a point of going through them fast - like 2 weeks.
I adapted my high school buddy's Italian Grandmothers pickled eggplant recipe for preservation of my chanterelles. I hope to get feedback from any willing to give it as to any ways I can improve upon this.   Basically, I take vinegar (high acid ratio if I have it) and bring to a boil with equal part water and some salt. I toss in the chanterelles (uniform size, not wet) and boil for about 10 minutes. - drain the chanties, in fact "strain" them - wrench out as much...
That mapo looks and sounds just like it! Have you tried it? I am crazy about that citrus - incredibly juicy, sweet and great flavor. The season is over now so I must wait 8 months until my next bite.   This Saturday I think I'll find around 100 to 200 lbs of fresh beautiful porcini!  
Hi Swedzfish - I'm a refrigeration contractor, so I'll give you that perspective. 35k isn't much when you add up all the demo, design, prep, equipment and install costs. The 37k could be buying alot of liability. Some of the equipment could be better off recycled and the infrastructure could be in great need of repair. If you have a friend in the refrigeration, AC, plumbing, electrical, etc, trade you would be wise to get their hands on opinion regarding any existing...
Here is a link from a spearfishing forum I frequent that describes pizza on the BBQ....   http://spearboard.com/showthread.php?p=1217643#post1217643
I agree with all of the above but will add my 2 cents - I use lots of olive oil (about 10 gallons per year, me, my wife, an 8 yr old and a 6 yr old), making it that much more important to acquire good quality at a reasonable cost. We have so far tried frontoio, ascolano, lucca, koroneiki, arbequina, lucino and more. We have sourced excellent quality for 18 bucks per gallon. We easily could have been spending 60 bucks per gallon if we had not sourced it as we did. This...
Thanks guys! Very good resources, I found my 16" non stick fry pan and much more. I'll post pics of them in action! John
even cured carbon or cast iron isn't good for the initial dry saute given to mushrooms (which are slightly acidic) that have a high moisture content.
I checked Edward Don and found nothing bigger than 14" unless it's the paella pan which doesn't have the long handle and isn't offered in non stick. The reason I want a large pan (even 20") is that I go on overnights in the forest with friends hunting wild mushrooms and we like to cook over an open fire. Non stick works best for mushrooms. Still haven't found one. I did see some good stuff though. Perhaps the rectagular skillets will be my best bet as that is what I have...
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