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Well done! And absolutely weird on the part of the customer, so glad it was compensated. I'm cracking up about the pervert imaginings!
I absolutely agree with all of these. That's the way I do things! I also reduce the oven temp by about 25 degrees and take them out erring on the side of under done. Larger cookies tend to be easier to get the soft, chewy texture as well, so perhaps try increasing the size.   As to the freezing issue, I portion the the dough into the appropriate cookie size onto a baking sheet no spacing minimum other than they don't touch. I freeze them like that and then package for...
http://www.brpboxshop.com/   This is a great company and they will customize for your needs. Customer service is superb, and shipping is amazingly fast. Also you might be interested in a company that can customize ribbon with the company logo... http://www.ribbonbydesign.com/
I use boneless short ribs. I sear them, brown some sliced onions and carrots, top with the short ribs and pour in a good dark beer (I use a home-brew winter warmer). I cover and cook low and slow (oven or stovetop) until nice and tender.   I love them in short rib tacos...a bit of pickled red onion, the short rib meat, some salsa verde and a sprinkle of cotija cheese... 
My current favorite salad is baby spinach, thinly sliced red onion, julienne sun dried tomatoes, sliced dried apricots, glazed walnuts, and crumbled feta cheese with a balsamic vinaigrette.
I have been trying to develop a four bran muffin and would like to include corn bran but cannot find a source. Does anyone have one?
This time of year I like to slow cook beer and cider brisket on the grill all day while making a batch of beer. I like bacon wrapped bison meatloaf with blackstrap molasses sauce. I like sweet potato rolls, pumpkin custard, apple pie with boiled cider, shoo-fly pie, molasses bread, date cake, and eggnog ice cream. It's time for Greek-style manicotti, seafood lasagna, and calzones. I'll add smoked turkey, dried cranberries and crunchy fresh apples to my salads. I'll make...
  For anyone interested, this was how the cake turned out. The bottom tier was a very dense and moist banana cake with caramel filling, the middle tier was a lemon cream cheese pound cake with a lemon curd and fresh blueberry filling, and the top tier was a dark chocolate cake with black raspberry mousse filling. I also made a chocolate stout cake, a peanut butter cake, and a fresh ginger cake which were in the kitchen for slicing and serving efficiency. All were...
mmmmK. A new update as of today...the wedding is set for 11am so this has just become a lunch buffet for 70. The bride wants a chicken item and a beef item, appetizers, salad, and a $1K budget including the cake. Anyone have any ideas or suggestions?
The recipe I gave needs to be refrigerated. It can be made in advance, even by a couple days. Take it out and let it 'warm up' about at least a half hour or more, then beat it again to get the smooth consistency again for applying to the cake.   Any leftover frosting can also be frozen for later use.   This recipe tastes great and is very forgiving. 
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