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Hi Steven, I am an avid fan of your show, Barbecue University - love the Grill Cam!   I run cooking classes in Los Angeles and I am interested in coming up with a BBQ cooking class. I wonder if you have any suggestions on what I should teach for total BBQ beginners. I was thinking about teaching them how to start a charcoal grill using a chimney starter, but not sure what food to teach them to cook on the grill. My classes are typically 3 hours long.   Thank...
I am starting a cooking class business in my home. I have a business license and a food-safety certificate. I am looking for business insurance in Los Angeles, CA. Does anyone know the rates and what I need covered? Any recommendations for insurers?
I have to try your spaghetti bolognese recipe; I been trying a few different recipes I found in cookbooks and online the last few weeks. Currently, my favorite spaghetti bolognese sauce is from Cookinghow   I do like the recipes that use red wine instead of white wine also.
New Posts  All Forums: