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yoyu can also send to shun for free sharpening minus shipping cost
How come nobody has suggested using a spicier chile pepper? 1 tsp of cayenne on a single piece of chicken wouldnt be enough for me! How about adding 1 couple tsp of habinero powder to the mix? Or some chipotle powder? Also try a double coat after marinating and dredging then dip in your favorite hot sauce and dredge a second time.
Going to Le Bernardin on Friday I think that will be the new most expensive meal. Hoping to hit Next in Chicago for the el bulli menu next year
probably the fat was not hot enough.. also the breading is a good insulator so the meat does not overcook on the outside before the inside has a chance to cook
A great technique that you must try.. cut the root end off the garlic and microwave for 15-30 seconds on high depending on the amount.. the skin comes right off. I didnt believe it at first I used to just cut the root and and smash or rub between mSUBMITy hands, but the microwave technique is amazing and doesnt cook it at all
my cast Iron never fails me.
heh 1k for a dinner for 2 and meeting thomas keller and getting a tour is well worth it :)
I agree, I use my cast iron for almost everything. Nonstick for eggs, but I do sometimes use a soap\water mix to wash the cast iron lighting rubbing with a paper towel with water going at the same time. I like to season my cast iron after each use i put back on the stove heat up rub with oil and thats it. With regards to the safty of cleaning with just water, if you season it after by heating the pan up, would it not kill any nasty stuff anyway? Never season with...
was it worth it? I am thinking about going to the french laundry next year..  
Blue Hill at Stone Barnes with my gf. The tasting menu along with drinks was over $300 for the two of us and it was an amazing experience and I am going to go back. Even the tasting menu at $110 a person alone is worth it for that type of dining.
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