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So I am a self admited chocoholic, last year going to the international chocolate show in NYC really changed my life. Since then I got fresh cacao beans, just to mess with. I also started using cacao nibs quite a bit more. I always liked to use cocoa powder and mix it with sweeteners to make a fudge or something. Cocoa powder + honey = yumminess. Anyway I just recently started buying cacao paste\liquor and cacao butter and making my own chocolate bars by melting the...
what a cheater... just joking, seriously I am not opposed to using some bouillon instead of salt for seasoning in some applications, but I can imagine using a bouillon paste to season might be too overpowering. I think maybe if used appropreatly it could add something though.
I learned so much by watching Jacques Pepin, he is a master of technique and his videos are freely available on youtube. Also he has a great, cheap book called Jacques Pépin's Complete Techniques which you might want to check out.
+1 this is exactly what I do    
Why would you want to avoid potatoes or something starchy? 
I try not to throw almost antyhing out, ends from onions and bell peppers, mushrooms leftover herbs always any leftover meat bones even after cooked. I always use potato, mirepoix, parsley peppercorns bay leaf and garlic cloves
I always have leftover bread in the freezer so when I need to make crutons I can take some out toss with oil or butter, season and throw in the oven until toasted and crouton like
Thought this was an interesting read too.  
I guess it doesn’t matter that the stock was already reduced to a semi-demi-glace state... I was just reading about toxins from bacteria as well... okay you guys convinced me... my 18 quart stock pot filled reduced down to 7 quarts all going to waste :(... But hey, I will stay alive. I guess part of my confusion was when I think about cooking meat, or chicken really when it hits 165 things like E coli and salmonella are destroyed, but as Pete reminds me here, that does...
:( okay I hate to waste so much good (well i guess its now bad) but better safe then sorry for sure. This also sounds like I might need to brush up on my food saftey a bit. I really thought heat will kill the bad stuff, and was more concerned with the flavor... Thank you
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