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I have a Masamoto VG and I just got my friend to buy one too, both came sharp out of the box, my friends even sharper then mine, When I first got mine and tried it "OMG" it was perfect, I got the 240mm as I thought 270mm was to big (cause of big heavy german knives) but these guys are extremely light, my friends and I knives are very nice F&F but I would make sure you ask your retailer to make sure you do get a nice one. This knife is just makes me want to cut and cut...
The first week in a kitchen was hell for me with cuts. The large place I worked at had there own dishies/kitchen hands so I got thrown into the deep end and every day I would nearly get a cut. Luckily now it rarely happens and from being cut fairly bad at the start it has helped me by focusing on using perfect cutting technique. Burns I can't say anything about I must have tough skin, boiling water spilt on me doesn't really effect me nor does touching hot frypans...
Any off seafood, muscles etc. I worked with a plumber before deciding on hospitality as a career and he always made me get into the grease pits so there no problem with them!   Dave
http://www.chefsarmoury.com/kitchen-knives-by-type/usuba-/-nakiri-/-vegetable/sakai-takayuki-180mm-nakiri/prod_416.html  Otherwise there is a  Mcusta http://www.chefsarmoury.com/kitchen-knives-by-type/usuba-/-nakiri-/-vegetable/mcusta-pro-damascus-160mm-nakiri/prod_475.html (This time it has to be with these guys I have store credit otherwise I'd buy from same place I got the Masamoto )   Dave
When I first decided I wanted to do this as a career yet had no experience in a kitchen yet I was told to put "cooking at home" in my resume with things I hadcooked. I'm not sure how well it worked but It got me work at a very good place actually and then was able to build from there.   Dave
What are your thoughts on these knives? I'm looking at the Nakiri from them. It doesn't state the range but the Usuba is labeled Inox.   Dave
I was in the same boat as you a few weeks ago, every place I've worked in have only used shuns pretty much and a few other chefs had global but no one with the better japanese knives. I ended up buying the Masamoto and I love it its the best knife I've ever used. I've also found another site that has a few good things (http://www.chef.com.au/) I ordered a few other things from them and they are supposed to be getting some better Japenese knives in and also the Naniwa SS...
I was able to get a good deal on the Naniwa superstone set from online aussie store 400 grit "arato" 1k grit  "nakato" and a 3k grit "shiageto" and will have money left for larger grit stones when I am ready to move on.   Cheers, Dave
Well today I decided to try a few of the options out. First was a masamoto that my friend recently got. I was sold right away it is the best knife i've ever used before (wish I had tried earlier), but before deciding I went and tried the others and all that I mentioned just felt wrong after the masamoto. So I'm going to order the masamoto online. I'll also need some sharpening stones so can anyone help me what type and how much grit will be needed ?   Cheers, Dave
Thanks for the suggestions,   Only reason I listed that website is because it's the closest place otherwise I will have to order online. I picked those 3 as people I've worked with have used them, I'm open to different choices of knife styles I've only used german knives during my experience that's why I was looking at the wushthof even though I know Japenese knives are better. I don't know much about sharpening also so was hoping there is a good knife that is...
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