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I just got off of and ordered your oregon trail cookbook under Whipple. I had forgotten your other last name until recently and was very glad they had it to offer now that it's not in print anymore. I hope that others have had a great deal of fun using this cookbook and welcome any replys anyone might have as to the good turnout they have had making some of those recipes. As for your current cookbook L&C I am trying to talk my husband into ordering some...
Oh my god...I can't believe a non-chef would dare revise, edit, or mess with (in any way) your recipe. I understand the concept of space but come on. I am very glad you wrote me the rest of the recipe. I just emailed my parents and they want to try it this weekend. You have made two people salivate at the same time. Thanks for the terrific rest-of-the-story. I'll let you know how it comes out:bounce:
Oh my, what a wonderful time you are going to have. The fact that they have so many reservations already is exciting! I sure hope you have a fabulous experience and re discover more treasures. Have a great time.
Leslie, I just went out and bought a corned beef. I can't wait to make the recipe on page 62. I really can't imagine the life these men lived not having what we have today. Thank god there are people like you to write and remind us all of just how easy we have it.:D
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