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BDL, I think you've got it with that one. Working through a few translators, the words "chub" and "minnow" seem to pop up. Which species of the various types isn't something I'm going to try to ID from these guys.   Either way, I'm guessing it's not going to be much off dried anchovey to work with, though the smell is more pungent than I'm used to. Titomike, I'll have to give the recipe a try.
  Looks like I missed a post while making a post.   KYH was talking about what sort of pain lobsters feel, Ed about the thought of not actually being a lobster so not being able to comprehend the experience, and you were talking about whether the lobster was expressing pain. All of these circle around the issue of the qualities of a lobsters experience and whether they interpret nociception in the same way. I figured that I'd toss my two bits in based on previous...
I've seen beurre noisette referred to as both explicitly leaving or removing the milk solids, and I'm starting to wonder which one is the original. To avoid the confusion I've always differentiated by using "clarified butter" when I mean no solids.
I picked this up at a Mexican food store out of curiosity:     I have absolutely no clue what they are, though presumably they're used for making stock. Even with the bag sealed, there's quite a pungent smell coming off of them.   Searching "Charal Cambray" returns absolutely nothing that makes sense to me. Does anyone here have any info on them? Are there any traditional recipes associated with them?
KYH, as a late night diner I have to say that I appreciate signs that expressly outline last seating or kitchen hours. Leaving ambiguous signs that don't differentiate is a real annoyance.
    Very good question.   This should tell you at least part of what you want to know:   And this is handy too:   At the center of the cake you'd probably be looking at 100C for 30 minutes no problem. Even twice or three times over though, it's just not going to be enough to kill all of the red. pH wouldn't kill it either; as KYH's link points out, the red in red velvet may...
Melted butter, even browned, does not have quite the same qualities as clarified. Removing the milk solids alters things quite a bit; less of a toasted taste and a bit more like almond or hazelnut.
That combination is begging for some kind of smoked pork IMO.
Flavor, flavor, flavor. Properly browned, clarified butter has a nice nutty taste, and how far that is developed is a matter of personal taste quite often. I've done it through similar methods as a beurre noir by leaving the milk solids in to brown, and that gives an even heavier flavor.
I've been trained in other things with nasty people who yell and get in your face about things. I'd go home with entire square feet of my body covered in bruises, bloody, my ears ringing for a week after, etc. You know, it was hell, but I learned a ton. I was focused, dedicated, and motivated. Competing and performing on demand seemed like a breeze compared to practice. I thank my brutal trainers for that, and I don't buy into the concept that self-esteem is a great...
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