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Sorry I gave mine away.
Cuisinart GR-4 Griddler This was my Christmas gift and I love it. Great to cook fish; it always comes out just right. Chicken breast,steak, pork chops, vegetables etc can be grilled in the winter when you can't BBQ outside.Paninis are picture perfect. Easy to clean(removable grills) for the dishwasher but most of the time if you soak it while you are having supper all you have to do is wipe is clean. Did I say I love my Cuisinart GR-4 Griddler? Rita
Thanks Jim;I noted the correction and I will make them for sure.
This is so interesting.I don't roast my Prime rib the classic way.I found this method years ago; tried and it always comes our Perfect. But what a challenge and a fun way to use that torch. I am anxious to try it and when I do I will take pictures and report back.
Love the cheesecake ideas but I wonder about the roast.
Thanks for all this neat information.
I have never used elephant garlic.I'm leaving this week end but I plan to get to it next week.What do I need to know about elephant garlic? I've seen it and I think is is milder than the regular garlic;right?
I am saving that one; sounds so good and what great presentation; Thanks Jim.
You know that sounds absolutely sinfully appetizing;I'd go for that. I've never been fortunate enough to taste foie gras but it's on my (TO DO) list. And I will, not in this corner of my world but I'm going to Montreal this summer so maybe ....
Good ideas; keep them coming. I was so excited about this fun gadget, I bought one for my daughter in law. We are going there this week end and I will give a few recipes and ideas with her fun gift.
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