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Swiss Gear. I got it at Sam's Club. I went with a cheaper one because I assumed it would get beat up.
I use a rolling computer bag. It's one of the larger kind. I can fit several text books, an extra chef coat, and a laptop with room for hand tools. I hang my knife roll on the handle to the roller and off I go. I stared using the roller because putting the backpack on and off I kept catching the shoulder strap on my pens and thermometer.
I use long sleeve and roll the cuff up for prep and back down for hot work.
This is the list I read before starting school last year: On Food and Cooking Ratio The Making of a Chef CIA-Pro chef Pastry Techniques Julia Child's Vol I&II   What I found at least as important as reading was knife skills. Get a good knife and start cutting now and do it every day. Confidence with your knife will lead to confidence elsewhere is the kitchen.  
I made a ju de gibier and was short on bones so I browned the hell out of half the mirepoix in the oven and that gave it some more body. That might work. Perhaps a pro can confirm or deny.
I'm not too proud to admit that I have used ketchup. Unless tomatoes are out of the question entirely.
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