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I've heard of people baking cookies in their hot cars, but I'd be too scared to try it lol.
What I always do is look at a bunch of different recipes for the same cake then i see what they all have in common and where they differ. Certain ingredients will be essential but you'll be able to see where you can get creative. Personally, I don't like cake mix. It always turns out too soft for me, and the taste is sort of generic. Like another poster said, the Betty Crocker cookbook is great for learning how to make scratch cakes and the recipes are basic and...
That's my ultimate dream job! Unfortunately, where I live it just isn't possible unless you have a separate kitchen with a 3 compartment sink and a handwashing sink, and get regular inspections just like a restaurant. The inspections I can deal with, but I would basically have to build a second kitchen to be able to do it and I can't afford that. I agree with those that said to check with the health department and business license office to make sure what the laws are in...
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