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It's nice that you would to start a catering business in your area. But I honestly think you should consider someone whom you at least know to partner with. Starting this type of business isn't easy, you have to consider a lot of planning and you need someone who you know you can trust because this will definitely involve a lot of money, dedication and effort. By knowing means to at least to find out about that person's credentials, personal and business history. I hope...
  Yes, I admit. I used to be struggling with cooking. I also believe that even if you're already in the business, it's always a challenge to learn more recipes and make them more delicious for other people to love. It's a never-ending process, so wouldn't have to worry about it Diane. I always find inspiration here too...:)  
I definitely agree. Or when you say it's an "original recipe" yet it just tasted like you could have done the same food yourself.
Spicy Tortilla Enthusiasts Ended-up Less   SPICY
I seriously think you're overworked but underpaid and being neglected. You should consider finding another job, I'm sure many employers are interested with a hardworking employee like you. Do not wait until your health and your relationship with your family gets affected. You deserve better.
A regular dose of vitamin C might help you avoid getting sick apart from eating healthy food, regular exercise and enough rest.
"The dog that my sister and I own ran away." That's a better version that I can think of.
Spicy lobster in the saucer.   SPICY
Restaurant under shifting schedules, exciting!    SHIFT
I think she's overdone it... I mean do you really need to wear raw meat to something public and prestigious as this? Kids watch these types of shows too, you know. God knows, what they'll be thinking watching her like that. :S
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