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Saves space too. My only problem is my 330mm Yanagiba. It's toooo lonnnng!   My knives:     dcarch
That's the way I hang all my knives. Knives stay clean, dry and sharp. Knife surfaces never get scratched up.   Never any problem.   The magnets are called "rare earth" magnets made from neodymium, extremely powerful magnets.     dcarch
Negative space and empty space are not the same thing.   I feel that you can't start out with the intention of, "I am going to make something with negative space".   IMHO I think when you create something that is ( in your style ) artistically complete, and if it turns out there is un-occupied area on the canvas (the plate), that will be all the meaningful negative space you need.   dcarch
 $18.00 a lb here in NY. dcarch
"------Yeah, mathematically they should be flat for maximum precision but real world a little bit of dishing isn't a huge deal. ----"   Exactly.   In the diagram below, assuming the 8" stone is dished with a 1/4" dip from true flat, You can see the curvature resulted on the knife edge will not be perceptible. In any case, is it a bad thing to have a convex edge?   dcarch
Just curious, why do you need the stone to be flat?   dcarch
Looks like you need a lot of strength, and also it does not look too safe to me. Here is a method I came up with. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4NOsqV-Wh9U dcarch
It can be dangerous and cut yourself if you don't do it right.   This is a method which works for me for hard squashes, including Kabocha:   A Chinese cleaver, rest a towel on the top spine, aim and rest the edge on the squash, and hit the towel with the other hand. it will go right thru.   Or, microwave the squash until it is a little soft. Don't overdo it, some squashes can explode if you cook it at high power for too long.   dcarch
 You can boil water instantly without heat. Use a vacuum pump. Water boils under vacuum at room temperature, then it gets very cold then freezes, all at room temperature.  dcarch
Thank you very much, Eastshores, Pollopicu, you are very kind.   BTW, thank you all for your giving me very nice "Reputations". I have no idea how that works and if there is a way for me to reply  from there.   dcarch
New Posts  All Forums: