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I will give you an idea to make some money:   Market it as a food serving platter, not as a cutting board.   Put it in the refrigerator to cool it for serving salads and sushi.   Put it in the oven to make it hot to serve hot food on.   12" x 12" is too small for a cutting board, in addition to other considerations mentioned by others.   dcarch
Good steak, bad steak, thin steak, thick steak, grass fed, grain fed, beer fed,  regardless ---- You can even make London broil tender.   Two steps will give you the best results. There is no mystery and not much skill needed.   Low and slow   Quick and blast furnace hot.   Some do low and slow first, others do it in reverse. either way will work well based on the law of thermodynamics and chemistry.   dcarch
I understand that all oils can get rancid, including mineral oils.   dcarch
1. Use both sides. One side for clean (fruits and vegetables) and one side for dirty (meats).   2. Get a UV sanitizing light.   3. Pour boiling water to clean.   4. Get a wood worker's steel scraper to smooth surface.   dcarch
"----- Even Jackson Pollack had something behind his paint drippings. ---"   That sounds fishy to me. :-)  :-)  :-)   But back on cooking topic. Pollack fillet was on sale. I  made multi-sauced pollack fillet. No rules, no recipe, no idea why I did it.   dcarch    
"-----but when I broke into the rule of thirds.. things became more clear---"   For me, "rules" and creativity are mutually exclusive.    dcarch
As real as anyone can be trained the trick of walking on fire.   dcarch
They call them "Fun gi"   dcarch   Steak & Baby bella
Really, a digital thermometer is just a few dollars, that is the only sure way not to mess up your very expensive prime ribs and your reputation.    No one can give you a sure answer because all ovens are different, and no one knows the starting internal temperature of the meat, and the thickness of the meat.   If you do this often, you may want to look into the concept of sous vide cooking.     Just MHO.   dcarch
A good thermometer.     dcarch
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