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It has been many months since I last posted here. Truly amazing cooking by everyone!   A few recent cooks.   dcarch   Leg of lamb, sous vided.     Stuffed tofu   Sous vided roasted pork, grilled pineapple, purple carrots.
This is a very good and scientific way of doing it. (not my video)     dcarch
In addition, when two dissimilar metals are in a conductive solution, Galvanic Corrosion can occur immediately.   dcarch
Originally Posted by Jimmyh    "I suppose its worth noting that rules of thumb are not absolute."   And the reason is because we all have different size thumbs.  :-)   dcarch
Got it!   Thanks.   dcarch
My apologies of posting here.   When I go to "Recent Discussion" on the bottom of the forum page, I just click on the topic. Is there some way I can tell that a topic is in the "Pro" forum so that I don't make the same mistake again?   Thanks, and again, sorry.   dcarch
 The way I understand it, "vacuuming" is not to create a vacuum. There is no vacuum in a "vacuumed" bag. You are simply removing air. Inside the bag after vacuuming, the pressure is the same as outside, if you measure. A vacuumed environment will create about 14 lbs / inch sq pressure. I believe the purpose for remove air is to facilitate thermal conductivity, not for sterilization, because there are dangerous microbes which can grow rapidly in a vacuum environment.  If...
 Exactly what I said! Thanks for elaborating. dcarch
Meat knows only temperature and how long the temperature is applied.   Meat is not smart enough to know how the heat is applied. The interior of a piece of meat cannot tell if the heat comes from broiling, frying, sous vide, baked, roasted, etc.   How high or low or slow the cooking temperature determines how even the temperature distribution inside the meat, which is governed by the specific conductivity.   dcarch
 They use satellite view to do estimates now.  dcarch
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