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"----Synthetic diamond scalpel blades are commercially available and well liked by surgeons. Contrary to what you might think they stay sharp much better than steel and chipping doesnt seem to be a problem. Quoted sharpness is 3 nm and achieved with plasma polishing. This is like 30 atoms wide at 1 angstrom per atom. Outside diamond, cracked glass edges have been used for years as ultramicrotome blades for cutting sections as thin as 200angstroms for electronmicroscopy....
I cut myself on the table saw. I drove to the ER with one hand on my head. Not a problem. Much easier than texting. If the ladies can apply mascara while driving, you can drive with one hand. :-) dcarch
You can try this without cutting yourself.   Put one hand on the table, and raise the other hand above your head for a minute..   Immediately lower the hand on the table. You will see one hand is much whiter than the other.   dcarch
I am sure you all know this, if you cut your finger(s).   Stand up and raise your hand to as far above your head as possible. This will stop, or minimize bleeding.     dcarch
Another way to really practice speed cutting with no danger is to get a trash knife, completely grind off the edge, and use that to practice the cutting motion as fast as you want. dcarch
 Looks scary doesn't it? and he is not even looking at what he is doing. Look closely and you can see that his fingers show no signs of previous wounds. I think the key is that you don't really need a very sharp knife to do what he does. dcarch
Busy? Hungry? Use a food processor. In a typical meal on the average, recipes requiring lots of cutting still can be done without rushing. No one needs 10 minutes to cut an onion. two minutes may be. Why try to save 30 seconds and risk serious injuries? Learn the best way to bone a chicken (Jacques Pepin), not the fastest way to bone a chicken (Martin Yan) dcarch
Unless you are working for a restaurant, there is no need whatsoever to aim for cutting fast with a knife.   Learn the best way to cut food, not the fastest way. Unless you are a showoff.        dcarch
A husband came home from work and found blood all over the floor and carpet. Strange foot prints. Wife and kid were missing. Front door was open, and wife's car was still on the driveway.    Panic! Called 911 to report possible kidnapping.   Long story short.   Husband is a knife nut, and every knife in the kitchen is "scary sharp". Wife was not careful making lunch, knife slipped and cut four fingers to the bone. Two neighbors helped the wife to emergency.   At...
 This topic will remain in the realm of opinions. It is not possible to scientifically proof one way or the other. You can't test this on human beings. I have not found a not-so-sharp knife (not talking about a completely dull blade) requires that much more pressure for cutting. I can argue that more pressure secures the food more and causes less slippage. My observations have been that most cutting accidents are caused by carelessness and lack of proper cutting skills. My...
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