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MSG, lots.   dcarch
"----hyper-local, organic, sustainable,----"   I don't think so.   1. Electricity is expensive and non-sustainable.   2. fluorescent bulbs can't last that long and will need to be replace.   3. Urban real estate is extremely expensive per square foot. This unit takes up floor space.   4. It will have to use chemical fertilizers and insect sprays. Can't be organic.     dcarch
Sugar and Salt are not an acquired tastes. Everyone likes sugar and salt.   Everything tastes very good to everyone if one is very hungry.   Other than that food is a subjective thing. Cheese is revolting to many cultures.     dcarch
 Yes, If the turkey has been "brined" the outer layer of meat will be saltier. Salt will freeze at a lower temperature. The meat inside will get frozen first.  dcarch
Sous vide does not mean cooking at low temperature.   You can sous vide at any temperature.   Sous vide means precision cooking temperature control, which allows you to cook very close to danger zone.   Sous vide means safe cooking. You want the meat to be at 165F? That's what you will get, the entire piece of meat. No need to probe around with a thermometer. No other cooking method can give you  that kind of assurance, so most of the time you over cook just to be...
Try this the next time.   A pot of boiling water.   Pour the boiling water in the bag to sanitize.   If you use seasonings, steam them first.   The beef, freeze the surface of the beef, and dip into boiling water for a few seconds, then use clean tools to put the beef into the bag and sous vide.    You should be OK.    You will get amazing short ribs that cannot be done any other way.   Beef is regularly consumed raw, It is the exterior which you need to...
 Also, an angle grinder, the only tool for sharpening a lawnmower blade. dcarch
Porgy And Bass   Please don't ask me to explain why is this on topic.   dcarch  
For thick and heavy cleavers, it is not that critical to have a perfect edge.   You can buy an angle grinder to shape, thin, and sharpen the edge.   You can find angle grinders as cheap as $20 from Harborfright.   Make sure you wear rubber gloves, rubber shoes and plug in a GFP outlet if you use water with an angle grinder, not all grinders are water proof.   dcarch
Be very careful with narrow and small bell sanders.   They can permanently damage your knife.   There is a tendency for you to put more pressure on the fast moving narrow belt, and in a fraction of a second, your knife's tempered edge is destroyed.   dcarch
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