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Fold a towel over the spine.   dcarch
 I have heard that theory many times also. I am not sure in fact you have to use that much more force with a not-as -sharp knife to cut. The way you hold the food (correctly) when you chop/slice, the blade really cannot cut into your fingers, dull knife or sharp knife. Carelessness and improper knife skills, IMHO are the main causes for accidents with a knife. I am not sure for non-organ cuts, clean cuts or jagged cut will make that much difference in healing time. I think...
Must hurt like h e l l, three times, the cut, the stitches, and the removal of the stitches!   I never understood the common saying that a dull knife is more dangerous.   People with no knife skills have dull knives, so they cut themselves more often.   dcarch 
 It will be a good idea to wear glasses, also be ready for the clean up. It can make a mess. Simpler just to poke a hole. dcarch  
 It is possible that you have extremely sensitive taste buds. Almost everything you buy now is in plastics or metals. Very very few people can taste the plastic nor the metal, especially aluminum, which forms instantly aluminum oxide when exposed. Aluminum oxide is extremely tough. I am not sure (in USA) lack of nutrients is a problem. I just saw a report that we are so over-vitamined  that we are wasting money taking vitamin pills.  Low cooking temperature retains a lot...
It is very important to puncture the shells.   They can explode if you don't when you roast them.   It is not that easy to peel the inner skin. You can cut the chestnuts in halves, and scoop out the meat with a small spoon. Very quick.     dcarch
. I decided to deal with a few common problems of smoking food. 1. I want to be able to smoke when it is snowing or raining hard outside. 2. I want to cold smoke (salmon, cheese, etc.) on the hottest day in the summer. 3. I don't want to have to set the alarm clock to get up every hour during the night to tend the fire for long smokes. 4. I don't want to keep spending money to buy pellets or wood chips. (I have a problem now, I have enough pellets for the next ten...
My system.   A hot/cold ( 35F to 185F) PID controlled indoor year round smoker.   1. Operating refrigerator for cold smoke in the summer.   2. Fully adjustable motorized smoke generator to produce extreme TBS. Very economically in burning pellets. Can operate long period unattended (24 hours plus).    3. Creosote trap (cancer in a bottle) to purify smoke.    dcarch    
 From Wiki: "The chicken is salt marinated and is cooked in its entirety in hot water or chicken broth with ginger. Other variations season the cooking liquid with additional ingredients, such as the white part of the green onion, cilantro stems or star anise. When the water starts to boil, the heat is turned off, allowing the chicken to cook in the residual heat for around 30 minutes. The chicken's skin will remain light coloured, nearly white and the meat will be quite...
Agreed. "in a bag of hot water" - There is a famous classic Chinese dish called "white cut chicken". Chicken cooked to perfection without much seasoning. The method uses temperature control, in a pot of hot water. The chicken never gets overcooked. dcarch
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