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 Will not work with my friend. He orders his steaks medium rare. When the steak comes, he tells the waiter, "Oh, sorry, I changed my mind. Can you make my steak well done instead?" dcarch
IMHO, the only reason you will refuse to cook meat well done is if you operate a sushi restaurant.   dcarch
It cannot be a heat sink. Not enough fins.    The wood part does not look like a handle to me.    I think it is (a sample)  part of a structural post extrusion for connecting panels, like the following post...
No. Gooseberries are kiwi fruits.   Swamp grapes are Muscadine Grapes.   I have seen people sell them as Italian grapes for high price. I am not sure you can find Muscadine Grapes in Italy.   dcarch
It it almost impossible for normal home tools to give a large wood cutting board a new truly flat surface, not with a belt sander, not with a router, not with a wood plane.   A large cabinet maker shop can do it in seconds and will not charge you a lot.   There is a way you can do it with a router or a table saw. You need to make a setup to do that.   Unfortunately I didn't take pictures of my setup when I was making a few end grain cutting boards.   dcarch
 Oh yeah! I just came back from Vancouver. Went to a few. The one that was very good and reasonable was Nanaimo. I was there several times. Very busy place. dcarch
Not my intention to drag out this discussion any longer. However it would be irresponsible of me not to comment on food safety issues when I feel incorrect information is being said. I also want to apologize in advance, if my information turn out to be the incorrect one. I am here to learn from all you knowledgeable members in this wonderful forum:   In re-reading this thread, I just noticed this statement :   @Luc H., "----Fresh fish should be free from parasites,...
Thanks! One of the best tools I have in the kitchen is actually made from that little leftover bottom curved steel from the saw. After hardening, I sharpened it into a wood worker's scraper. It does a wonderful job to keep my wood cutting board surface clean and level. Highly recommended. dcarch 
I was not inclined in pursuing this discussion but I cannot ignore misinformation and especially when I am accused of spreading such information:   This is a common misunderstanding with individuals that challenge the safety zone concept or don,t understanding basic microbiology: I specifically said the danger zone is about pathogenic microbes not about the microbial world as a whole. Just so you can read this correctly (although you took the time to copy paste this...
I meant the angle of the handle, relative to the cutting edge. Normal cleaver the angle is parallel. Mine has a slight angle. dcarch
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