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The time it takes to wrap a knife, buy a box, seal the box, address the box, go to the post office to send it, is enough for me to sharpen 10 knives.   dcarch
Sharing or not sharing recipes is not the biggest issue.   There are people who will share a recipe with you, except they never tell you that the recipe is not the exact real recipe.   dcarch
I have been using those strong magnets for the last 10 years. I like that system because the knives are always dry, and I can hang at least twice as many knives in the same space.   dcarch
OK, another one from me. Food related.   dcarch
With super powerful rare earth magnets (Neodymium ), my knives are hung by their very tips, even heavy ones.   The blade never touches anything.   dcarch  
While I don't post that often here, before I cook, everyday, I do come and view all the marvelous dishes created by everyone. I come to admire and to be inspired.   A few recent dishes from my kitchen.   dcarch   Shrimps, fiddlehead fern, chanterelle mushroom sauce.     Stuffed boneless wings     Snapper, chanterelle mushroom fish roe sauce  
That's the whole idea why waffles were invented.   Butter and jam stay inside those little boxes so they don't touch the floor if the waffle falls on the floor.    dcarch
Nothing really wrong with bare copper.   All drinking water are coming from bare copper pipes.   dcarch
  Trim fat, skin pork, debone chicken, filet fish ------------------------ dcarch
Wonderful reading, this thread.  There is hope for world peace! Back on topic: 2" x 12" x 18" is absolutely the perfect size for the home kitchen. A standard size plastic grocery bag fits perfectly over the board using the handles as straps. One bag at each end of the board and you can trim pork, chicken, any dirty food, on the board without having to clean and sanitize the board afterwards. dcarch
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