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I am not disagreeing with your experience regarding architects.   It's just that I have a completely difference experience than yours.   I have two architect relatives. There are five architects living on the two blocks where I live. I have friends who are architects. I am impressed by their expertise in the specialties they are in. One of the five architects designed all the cooking facilities for the TV Foodnetwork. He has taken me to show me many of his kitchens he...
Come to think of it, another inexpensive way:   Go to a Home Depot building supply store and get a sheet of 1" thick rigid foam insulation.   You can easily cut with a knife to make a box big enough for your plates. Use packing tape to construct the box. It will be plenty strong.   Heat up your plates in you oven and store the hot plates in the foam insulated box.   The plates will be very hot for the whole day.   Afterwards, you can disassemble the foam boards...
 A heat lamp can only heat up the top surface, that's why it can heat up food and a single plate. it is the nature of infrared radiation. Simple test with three plate under the sun: A white one, and two black ones. The white plate will take much longer to get heated up by the sun than the black one. Now put the other black one in shade. It will never get hot. Many plates will be in shade if you have 20 plates to warm in stacks.  dcarch
The reason why I think a heat lamp may not work well is because heat lamp heats with infrared radiation, just like the sun. Under the sun, anything in the shadow will not be heated. Also, anything that is highly reflective (white) cannot be heated efficiently.   If you have to warm many plates regularly, you may want to look into...
Forgot to mention:   While my method works great for warming from 1 to as many plates as your microwave oven's size will allow, do be careful not to microwave plates with fancy metalic designs.   The microwave can quickly burn away those designs.   dcarch
Heat lamp will not work for 20 plates. Will take a whole day.   Easiest if you have access to a microwave.   Wet some small kitchen towels, put one in between two plates, stack the plates. Paper towels if you don't have kitchen towels.   It will not take long to have all 20 plates very hot, boiling hot, depending on your microwave power.     dcarch
They bigger ones can cause serious  injuries.   Don't have them near your credit cards.   Great for erasing hard drives when you dispose hard drives.     When you throw out hard drives, open it up, there are two rare earth magnets to be savaged.     dcarch
A lot has changed since this thread was first posted.   Sous vide cooker was $1,000   Today a sous vide circulator can be less than $200.   Don't play games with food safety. A sous vide cooker can pprecisely  pasteurize your eggs.   dcarch
I play with my food, but that does not mean I don't respect food. :-)   dcarch    
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