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I don't think so.  You may start a fire with that material. I think that is just plastic. dcarch
Thank you Gene! It's true, a photo studio will cost you $$$x00,000 with lights, lenses, cameras, and a photographer will spend years going to school and gain working experience. Each time he takes pictures of food, it will need a few hours of staging. I am none of the above. One single daylight CFL bulb with a broken kitchen plastic container as a diffusor, a tripod and a regular digital camera. I take one shot from top, and one from the side. A few seconds later I will be...
Very interesting mushroom creations everyone!   I made this black trumpet mushroom dish, with shrimps and black garlic.   dcarch        
I would not criticize what you have done.   Aesthetics is both subjective and cultural. Depends on where you are, your target audience, what you have done may be the most appropriate.   I do have to praise your craftsmanship. That cannot be ignored.   As I said, subjective and cultural, here in NYC, this is what I would do instead:    dcarch    
Fried rice with salted fish is a classic recipe which you can get in most Chinese restaurants.     dcarch
Rbrad, no problem, communication makes the world a peaceful world.   China, just like any place big and highly populated, there will be a multitude of issues, but one has to put things in perspective. If you look into the USDA web site, there are food recalls practically every other day, including chickens making people sick the past few days. Yet people think China is the country only ships out poisonous baby food and everything else. Interesting that people with the...
"---Microwaves cannot cook the inside of an item,it is not possible radiation just does not function that way.----"   That is very true technically speaking.   Microwave does not cook the food. It causes the food to heat itself up. The food cooks itself.     dcarch
I don't know how much cultural meaning to give to those pictures.   Most of the groceries are for a month, not a week for the size of the families.   Mexicans are vegetarians?   The black family represents a black family’s diet, which is a small minority, not USA diet for the whole population.   Baguettes for a family in China? Not a sign of any Chinese vegetable?   Bhutan, not much food for a family of 12 for a week. I don’t think the people there are all...
 I hope you have not misunderstood my intention. I was only trying to generate more interest if there are females who potentially are interested in this interesting situation that you are presenting here. I am not sure how human rights fit into the discussion. I traveled to China sometime ago and was amazed by the gender gap there male vs. female. That issue is creating some unusual social and economic issues for China. I would be very interested if it were for the fact...
The other trick is this:   Focus on giving the scallops a fantastic crust on one side, and don't worry too much about the other side. No one ever checks to see if you have a good sear on the bottom side. But they will notice right away if you over cooked the scallops.   dcarch
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