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I don't know where you are, and the local taste habits/preferences. Here in the USA, I remember having seen an one-hour documentary TV program on PBS (public channel) on hamburgers, about hamburgers, everything you ever want to know about hamburgers everywhere. It would be very interesting for you to find this program. They also have done one-hour documentaries on ketchup, hotdogs, etc. dcarch
That's what I do. One single slab of beef, bump in boiling water for a few seconds. Boiling water for everything, plates, knifes. Then I chop the meat with a cleaver. I try not to order burgers rare in restaurants. You never know. dcarch
 I have a problem when I see chefs use their bare hands to fix the food when they can use a tool instead. (have they pick their noses recently?) I only use my hands to touch the food when I try to steal a quick bite. dcarch
"---Back away from the wooster sauce, ketchup & bread crumbs, your not making meat loaf. ---"   Exactly what I was going to say.     "---Buns can range from plain crappy white bread, your standard seeded bun to brioche.--"   Right on. Why waste your beef and time to make burgers unless you have good buns?     "--There is a million ways to skin a cat, that's my method. My clientele is looking for a $10 lunch.----"   Delicious burger recipe. That's a $15.00...
USDA recommends an internal temperature of 160*F for ground beef.    How do you guys make rare, medium rare burgers?   dcarch
Hahaa! Yaan Can't Cook!   Sorry! just having fun with your name. Not sure where you are. There is a show here (USA) "Yan Can Cook"   Thanks for reporting back. We all can learn from your experience here.    I am sure your next try will be a big hit.   dcarch
Do you consider bison game meat?   Bisons are very much farmed. I was in Ted Turner's restaurant and had bison steak. Not that much different than beef.   Ted Turner (of CNN and Jane Fonda's ex) has 50,000 bison on his ranch.   dcarch
Thanks, KK.  I enjoy playing with plating. It is the only activity which excite all our five senses. Sight, smell, taste, touch, and hearing. Hearing? What? Food? Yes, a well plated food, you will hear "WOW!" "WOW!" "WOW!" dcarch  
All the amazing dishes you guys are creating, all should go into a cookbook. An instant Best Seller!   Just some simple rhubarb stuff.   Rhubarb mango cheese cake   Rhubarb cake   Rhubarb sous vide chicken thighs. Two chicken thighs back to back so that I can have crispy skin on both sides.     dcarch            
 I remember having seen a program of a reporter visiting a flavor laboratory of a big food company. Many scientists in white lab coats were working there, and thousands of tiny bottles line the shelves. The reporter was smelling a sample, “This smells like roasted chicken.” The scientist, “ Now smell this one, roasted chicken very well done, and this one, BBQed chicken.” I remember a blind taste test, tasters consistently prefer artificial vanilla extract. PBS has many...
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