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And you can find a husband in one hour if you are a female cook.   The one-child-per-family policy has resulted in very seriously few females in that country.     dcarch
Getting a good sear on scallops is simple.   First get a clear understanding of the science of cast iron skillets. Don't be confused by :"good heat retention". what it really means is "poor heat conductor"   They make cast iron cookware thick and heavy because thin cast iron cracks. Being thick, it keeps a lot of BTUs, being a poor heat conductor, it can't get heat up fast enough to sear both sides of the scallops.   So, when I have to sear scallops well, I use...
Some farms feed special diets to their chickens to make the meat and skin yellow.   dcarch
Cabbage family, not very glamorous vegetables. Oh well, they are cheap.   dcarch   Stuffed napa cabbage       Roasted cauliflower      Another stuffed cabbage  
 Yes, the flavor is very strong. Kind of like using beef bouillon cubes. Not to be used as the same as regular beef stock for your recipes. I go one step further. Rather than concentrating stock by boiling  it down, I sometimes  use a high vacuum pump to concentrate the stock under very low temperature. There are some flavor components which can be boiled away under high heat. Whatever you can smell in you house while boiling is what is no longer in the stock. I call the...
BTW, bones have no flavor, marrow and meat give stock flavor.   I did a test, I scraped off all meat and marrow from a lot of pork/beef bones and pressure cooked for a long time. The stock came out tasted just a little better than pure H2O.   dcarch
Try this:   In a pressure cooker, put a smaller pot in it. Put the (1 lb) beef in the smaller pot and NO WATER. Water in the pressure cooker, but not in the smaller pot.   Pressure cook the beef for about 45 minutes.   You will get a cup of absolutely pure gold the best ever beef stock.   After that, use the same beef, make you normal stock with water and other ingredients.   dcarch
 Sheeeeeeeeee!!!!!!! dcarch
 In didn't take a picture. It was before digital. I have Spam pizza and Spam pictures some place. I am also going to be making a crazy dish " Spam & Smut ". Once I get the ingredients. dcarch
I do Spam all the time.   I have even made Spam ice cream. Google and you can find recipes.     dcarch
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