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"----My task is to KISS(Keep It Simple Stupid) by using easy,healthy and minimum ingredients. Nothing simple about that! ---"   If you are that interested in the science of food, and spend that much time, money and energy in your experiments, may I suggest not to limit yourself to "KISS"?    It is not beyond you to go just one step further.   The ultimate treat of cooking pork shoulder is flavorful tender meat surrounded by crackling crispy pork skin. IMHO.   A lot...
 Not many bags are safe at boiling temperature. Even boil-able bags are only rated to 212F. A pressure cooker can reach 250F. Make sure the bags are OK for very high cooking temperature. Perhaps oven bake bags. But your vacuum machine may not develop temperature high enough to seal those bags. dcarch
"------I guess the science part of it is the pressure cooking method. Not really science, more of a cooking method. ----"   Science is knowing the exact conditions of your experiment.   Not all pressure cookers (PC) develop their same pressure, therefore they may cook at different temperatures. Different temperature will mean different cooking times.   To find out exact temperature of your PC:   Use a small metal container with a cover and fill with cooking oil....
I have one, but I don't use it for food.   An electric knife is what you need to cut foam rubber.      dcarch
You are assuming the opposit of al dente is bad.   There are people who enjoy less chewy pasta. They consider al dente bad, as in uncooked.     dcarch
Double cleaver technique is great. Faster than using a food proccessor. You can make small quantity to feeding an army, or  you can make just one hamburger.   You can control texture better, first use the sharp edges to chop, then turn the cleavers upsidedown and use the dull spines to smash.    dcarch
Actually, I have been doing this for a few years. I have yet to have a bag broken on me. No freeezer burns on meat.   I have nice system going, I have not shown on the vedio a computer printed food adhesive labels which sticks well on the bags. Really saves time as well.     dcarch
My bags are free.   Check out my method. I never pay for bags for the freezer.   dcarch    
Perhaps you can inspect it with a high power magnifying glass. It is possible that is not residue. That may be corrosion.   There is no such metal as "stainless" They are all just stain resistant in varying degrees.   Corrosion can be caused by chemicals, or in this case it is possible, if indeed that is corrosion, that was caused by galvanic action by two dissimilar metals in an electrolytic solution. For instance if you leave a spoon of a different metal (or alloy)...
I am not disagreeing with your experience regarding architects.   It's just that I have a completely difference experience than yours.   I have two architect relatives. There are five architects living on the two blocks where I live. I have friends who are architects. I am impressed by their expertise in the specialties they are in. One of the five architects designed all the cooking facilities for the TV Foodnetwork. He has taken me to show me many of his kitchens he...
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