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 Also, an angle grinder, the only tool for sharpening a lawnmower blade. dcarch
Porgy And Bass   Please don't ask me to explain why is this on topic.   dcarch  
For thick and heavy cleavers, it is not that critical to have a perfect edge.   You can buy an angle grinder to shape, thin, and sharpen the edge.   You can find angle grinders as cheap as $20 from Harborfright.   Make sure you wear rubber gloves, rubber shoes and plug in a GFP outlet if you use water with an angle grinder, not all grinders are water proof.   dcarch
Be very careful with narrow and small bell sanders.   They can permanently damage your knife.   There is a tendency for you to put more pressure on the fast moving narrow belt, and in a fraction of a second, your knife's tempered edge is destroyed.   dcarch
You may want to consider two cleavers, one heavy for bone chopping, one lighter for meat.   This way you may not need sharpening that often. I don't think I have sharpened my heavy one at all.   dcarch
You! cheap skate!. dcarch
Silence of The Lamb Chop.   dcach  
Sony? May be another camera maker? was selling a camera with an infrared lens.   With infrared film, someone soon discovered that infrared can get through many types of fabric.   They discontinued selling that camera.   dcarch
"----Synthetic diamond scalpel blades are commercially available and well liked by surgeons. Contrary to what you might think they stay sharp much better than steel and chipping doesnt seem to be a problem. Quoted sharpness is 3 nm and achieved with plasma polishing. This is like 30 atoms wide at 1 angstrom per atom. Outside diamond, cracked glass edges have been used for years as ultramicrotome blades for cutting sections as thin as 200angstroms for electronmicroscopy....
I cut myself on the table saw. I drove to the ER with one hand on my head. Not a problem. Much easier than texting. If the ladies can apply mascara while driving, you can drive with one hand. :-) dcarch
New Posts  All Forums: