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It is entirely possible to use your power drill as a lathe to turn a short dowel into the same shape as the old one.   Just screw a long screw into the center of the dowel and secure into the drill's chuck. You can get a screw (Home Depot) with one end threaded for wood and the other end for hex nut.   Use a card board to make a template and start turning.   dcarch
 The most important tool for this project indeed is a wood turning lathe. dcarch
 Sharp yes. but not sushi sharp. I think you need steel that will not chip when you chop. dcarch
 Of course. You will get to enjoy $400 worth of dry aged prime ribs all by yourself, and to really impress your fiancée and all your future in-laws. dcarch
 Depends on what you will be using it for. With this kind of tool, I don't see using it for razor sharp cutting/slicing, in that case, the tempering of the edge is not that critical. dcarch
The science, technology and capabilities that go into a $20.00 PID controller, (which cost $2,000.00 not too long ago) in a sous vide cooker is mind boggling. It is capable of actual learning, anticipating and making instant adjustments to suit the thermal characteristic of you cooking vessel, the room temperature of you kitchen, the size of the meat, the wattage of the heating element and maintain cooking temperature to better than +- 1 degrees F/C for as long as you...
How about go to a welder and weld some new steel where the pit is and resharpen.   Otherwise you will be drastically changing the curved edge. That would be "modification" and not "restoration".   dcarch
 Keep them coming friends, I appreciate all comments, good or bad. That's how I learn and improve. I have fun with all new cooking tools. They can solve old problems and inspire new solutions. I see bacon and scallops together all the time, I also see way overcooked scallops and soggy bacon. Sous vide gives me different ways to deal with the issues. The minimal sear on the second one obviously it was supposed to be a Valentine's theme dish. The scallops had plenty of...
Thanks Petals. You have been my inspiration in my focus in food presentation. dcarch
 All I have been saying, if I have a 15-lb prime rib, frozen solid, and I want to cook immediately it to 131F exactly, without thawing, edge-to-edge, no gray zone and raw center, the thin part as well as the thick part, and I don't want to keep poking around with a thermometer, and I don't want to overcook it if I forgot to watch the clock, or under cook it, then I know of one way for me to do it, and that is SV. I am sure you have a way to do the same. For me, another...
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