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Everything about sushi making is handled by bare hands.   I think things are going nuts. Here in NY, now I see sanitizing hand wipes next to elevator up/down buttons.   dcarch
Give this a try?   A tofu dish that was made for an emperor.   dcarch  
Jake, what kind of oven did you use? The amazing pizza looks like it came out from a wood brick oven.   Duragojo, I am running out to get some wings, after seeing yours.   Eastshores, That’s a delicious potato salad.  ---------------------------------------------------------   A couple of dishes.   dcarch   Sous vide Lamb, ramp jam and yams.         Chicken thigh, spaghetti squash, odds and ends veggies, and black garlic.     My video on how to...
Have you had tofu before in a restaurant? If not, don't try to cook any. Go to a Chinese restaurant and order a few tofu dishes and see how they make tofu dishes, and how you like tofu texture and taste.   Tofu comes in firm, soft and silken.    I make tofu about once or twice a week.    dcarch
It really depends on what you mean by "tenderizing".   Technically? No. It makes the meat more "chewable" the meat is just as tough as before.    A jaccard meat tenderizer chops the meat in shorter fibers, kind of the same purpose as thin slicing tough meat, but it is not tenderizing the meat.   It does not change the taste of meat; however, it allows seasoning to penetrate better.    Therefore, be careful with internal temperature if you jaccard meat for grilling,...
 Actually, I am very relaxed about this kind of things. I have two standards. Relaxed, anything goes when I am eating by myself, and extreme clean when I have to cook for others, including the use of a germicidal UV light to completely sanitize the entire environment. I was in a restaurant lunching with someone. My fork dropped to the floor. I picked it up and start eating with it again. My friend was shocked. Told me I was going to die. I challenged him $100, that I would...
I don't know where you are, and the local taste habits/preferences. Here in the USA, I remember having seen an one-hour documentary TV program on PBS (public channel) on hamburgers, about hamburgers, everything you ever want to know about hamburgers everywhere. It would be very interesting for you to find this program. They also have done one-hour documentaries on ketchup, hotdogs, etc. dcarch
That's what I do. One single slab of beef, bump in boiling water for a few seconds. Boiling water for everything, plates, knifes. Then I chop the meat with a cleaver. I try not to order burgers rare in restaurants. You never know. dcarch
 I have a problem when I see chefs use their bare hands to fix the food when they can use a tool instead. (have they pick their noses recently?) I only use my hands to touch the food when I try to steal a quick bite. dcarch
"---Back away from the wooster sauce, ketchup & bread crumbs, your not making meat loaf. ---"   Exactly what I was going to say.     "---Buns can range from plain crappy white bread, your standard seeded bun to brioche.--"   Right on. Why waste your beef and time to make burgers unless you have good buns?     "--There is a million ways to skin a cat, that's my method. My clientele is looking for a $10 lunch.----"   Delicious burger recipe. That's a $15.00...
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