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Thanks Chef Torrie. Crowded and disorganized? You bet.  But with a severe case of delusional disorder, I convinced myself that it's poetic chaos, it's conscious disorder, Unlike a trained professional such as yourself, when I have to put food on a platter I never have a plan as to what to do. The resulting cacophony of colors and form comes from my listening to my inner voice. Inner voice, “Grasshopper, a dish is like your new born child with his/hers given DNA and...
 I did not say I know the guy, I did not say he is a good friend of mine, I only said that by random chance I bump into him on the train. I was curious if Chef Torrie who takes the same train everyday, he's got to have met him. If you say you bumped into Obama in McD eating a big Mac, I definitely would not say you are tacky and name dropping. Just MHO. But thanks for the helpful advice. I appreciate it. dcarch
 Thank you for understanding.  My interest in SV, one of the many ways of cooking methods which I am interested in, is not to denounce normal cooking methods, but to study the possibilities of this unique cooking tool. I will be making SV hamburgers tonight. There is a big argument ( I am not part of it) going on the other food site about whether it is worth it to make SV burgers. So I will try it out myself. BTW, I noticed that you are from CT. There is a very good chance...
Chef Torrie, your previous post before you removed it, "I am not trying to be mean",   I will take your word for it.   Very recently, there are a few sophisticated sous vide circulators came on the market for under $200.00. They generated a lot of excitement in the cooking world. Over 10,000 units were sold in a very short time.   I sense that you don’t feel the topic of sous vide is appropriate for a cooking forum, and no one else should be wasting their time...
 When it comes to cooking, good presentation makes the food taste better, and there is no sure way to get a huge "WOW!!!" from others. Not claim to know that much about plating, my personal opinion is to study "rules" and "tips", but never follow them, or you will end up only piling food on top of each other, and use the back of the spoon to drag across the sauce. "Painting by numbers" will never make you an artist. I do believe that there is an artist in everyone, you got...
Absolutely, exactly the science. Classic Physics 101 experiment: Two small pieces of flat glass, put them together and you will have no problem pulling them apart.Put a little drop of water between them and you will not be able to pull them apart. It's the reason for the dimples on knives. Also take a look on youtube on how people can climb up buildings using suction cups, it's possible because of air pressure. dcarch
Other than enjoying looking at all your wonderful cooking, I have not had much time to post here. Time for me to contribute something.   Sous vide is a wonderful cooking tool, especially for meats. Total texture control.   dcarch   Sous Vide NY Strip Steak     Sous Vide Crispy Chicken Thigh  
Why don't you show a few pictures here and let everyone suggest something?   dcarch
 Good questions, but my answers may not do you much good :-). My smoker is also a working refrigerator with a cold smoke generator, that permits me to cold smoke before sous vide. It is also equipped with an ultrasonic humidifier, therefore it does not dry out food after a long smoke. dcarch
 Here is a dish in which the scallops were sous vided and smoked, but not seared at all. This dish was entered in a cooking competition a few weeks ago.I won the competition.  
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