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Cast iron cookware was invented in China. They have been doing it for centuries. You will find low quality as well as high quality ones.   There is no magic in the manufacturing of cast iron items. It is a very low tech item. China makes the lowest quality products and the highest quality products. Shop wisely.   I don't think a very smooth cast iron pan is essential for non-stick. As a matter of fact some of the best non-stick pans are made purposefully with...
I suppose it is creating a surface similar to the lotus effect.   dcarch  
Use yuzu oranges.   dcarch
"I've tried a few different tomato sauce recipes from pizza books aimed at home cooks and they're okay, but never as special as a good pizzeria." And good pizzerias use MSG also. The next time you have a spectacularly delicious meal in a fancy restaurant, you can be enjoying MSG also. And I don't mean in a Chinese restaurant. MSG is everywhere. dcarch
All fast foods, and many others add MSG.    Check their ingredients and you will see.     http://www.msgtruth.org/avoid.htm     dcarch
MSG in many.   dcarch
MSG, lots.   dcarch
"----hyper-local, organic, sustainable,----"   I don't think so.   1. Electricity is expensive and non-sustainable.   2. fluorescent bulbs can't last that long and will need to be replace.   3. Urban real estate is extremely expensive per square foot. This unit takes up floor space.   4. It will have to use chemical fertilizers and insect sprays. Can't be organic.     dcarch
Sugar and Salt are not an acquired tastes. Everyone likes sugar and salt.   Everything tastes very good to everyone if one is very hungry.   Other than that food is a subjective thing. Cheese is revolting to many cultures.     dcarch
 Yes, If the turkey has been "brined" the outer layer of meat will be saltier. Salt will freeze at a lower temperature. The meat inside will get frozen first.  dcarch
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