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LOL I have a packet of the extra long Hebrews...however, I will not eat the whole package and I WILL use bright yellow mustard and enjoy every bite! I like them filleted and fried. Having said all that, I use a Little Black Book-Daily Food Diary to track everything I eat and drink...weight loss going extremely well and 'dogs' are allowed as long as I track them and use portion control and calorie counting while staying within the limits of my daily calorie ration! Works...
This thread was a great read! Thanks for the Indian Cornbread recipe too.
This is great info...I bring eggs to a boil and then let sit for 10 min or until water is cooled down and eggs are perfect and yoke is fluffy. Then when the eggs are completely cooled I peel them.   I also wash my eggs before I use them...I have to wash my hands anyway, so I wash the eggs and then after I crack them into the bowl I wash off my hands. Hmmm sounding a little OCD...I didn't know eggs were not washed before being packaged.
Onions, Onions, Onions is a great cookbook. If you only have one thing in your kitchen, it has to be some kind of onion. You could have one bag of ramen noodles in the pantry and saute an onion, all of a sudden the whole neighborhood thinks your are cooking a meal that is something special!
This is all great advice. Absolutely smoke them on the grill FIRST! That is the only time the meat is susceptible to smoke and getting that pink smoke ring.
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