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Hello Everyone! I am making cheddar cheese at home soon, and I would like to know if anyone has a few tips! Curious about the mesophilic starter... I saw i can just let buttermilk age and it will give it to me? Also a good homemade cheese press is in order, and I'm thinking about using PVC pipe and whatever else I find. For the weight specification I will just use weights... Any suggestions from an expert out there?
So the pig roast BBQ is this weekend! I have everything planned... Any final tips anyone? I have had a BBQ custom made just like Nicko's picture there. Should be great!
Victorinox fibrox knives.   The top recommendation on Cooksillustrated.com. They are very sharp, very light, and the handle is a grippy rubber with great balance.   I ordered the set of three. The chefs knife, slicing knife, and the paring knife. They are a great set of knives for the low price they are offered.    I have owned a henkel knife, and a ceramic set of knives. This set is by far the best I have owned yet.   Check em out!!
Right. So I think you guys are right when you say injection... But the question is.. Besides the hams and shoulders, where should I inject? and how much? Right before cooking, or the night before?   I've read many articles of using a brine for the pig, as well as curing it overnight in salt. The cure does sound safer.   For the baste, I will go by look. Not by plan.   I've read about testing the temp in the shoulders and ham during cooking, so you can...
I am at a cross if I should use a stick of cinnamon in the basting sauce... Yes apples go with cinnamon, but on a pig???
Is there any other way of infusing apples into the piggy? Maybe I should just raise a pig with nothing but apples. Slap a nipple on an apple and feed it myself.
E.V.O.O. it is   who else hates Rachel Ray? haha   My goal for a brine is to jack up the flavor. I'm not worried about tenderness. So far my mind is shouting apples. Pork and apples go hand in hand.   So why not apple juice (or apple cider?) cut with water and  some salt. I want the apple to leave its mark on every piece of that pig.  I thought of the cider vinegar, but was not sure about leaving a pig in acid overnight. 2 days in a brine may interfere...
Anyone think this would be a bad basting sauce?   1 quart of apple cider vinegar garlic 1 whole dried red chilli and a bunch of tied up rosemary   let sit for a week or two   baste with this during the last half of cooking every 30 min
Wow!   That U-Bolt idea is fantastic! I will do the potatoes just like yours underneath the pig. Did you add them Raw?   Since I have never roasted one before I plan on using an instant meat thermometer in the thigh without touching the bone. Is going just by look safe?   As far as stuffing, it is purely for flavoring. So far i have apples and garlic and onion in mind, with rosemary and thyme.   For the brine, I saw on food networks "The Best Thing I...
Hello Everyone!   I just purchased a 35 lb Suckling Pig. I have a custom built rotisserie w/ electric motor, and I need tips!   First things first... Wood... or store bought charcoal.   I plan on using a brine for my pig for about 2 days. Inside the pig I will be stuffing with various ingredients and sewing shut during cooking. Lastly I will prepare a basting sauce.   I have come to you fine chefs and cooks for advice on flavoring!   Please let me...
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