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So pretty much what I'm getting is the flavor and consistency would be different.  You can do a lot more things flavor wise to whole butter before you add it in than clarified butter that would give more of a nuttier taste. And the consistency of a whole butter hollandaise would be a bit thicker and "fluffier" than a clarified butter hollandaise.  But as long as you prepare it correctly, you can successfully make it with both.  Am I missing anything?
usually my knife is always kept in a tray of "third sink" sanitizer, and when im done using it ill wash it with soap and water and sponge, and then give it a dip in fresh sanitizer.  dry it off and into the knife guard and then into the bag
Hey, im in the LCB in Miramar.  Just finished my first week and im in the 2y Cullinary Arts program.  So far its cool.  We got a Mercer knife set.
Hey guys, my name is Nick and I am a new student at Le Cordon Bleu in miramar, FL.  I am almost 19 and pretty much just entering the culinary field.  My experience is boiling eggs, making omlettes, making sandwiches and using a microwave (as you can see i am qualified master chef material).  Im excited to learn and start making delicious foods.  Wats up everybody.
Hi, in my class, one of our assignments is going to be an open discussion on the differences of using whole butter vs clarified butter for hollandaise sauce.  I'm new to the culinary world so i do not have any personal knowledge on the subject.  But after some research all i could come up with is that when you clarify the butter, you remove the solids and the water from the butter fat  which would end up changing the consistency of the sauce.  I also know that it would...
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