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I concur entirely about Vincent Price's Treasury. It is truly what it claims to be. I have a signed first edition, and I even use it periodically!
I concur that the cast iron Lodge Dutch ovens and camp ovens are about the best currently manufactured; at the very least, they are the best that I have encountered. There are applications, however, for which an enameled Dutch oven is irreplaceable, specifically when making highly acidic dishes, the iron not being resistant to acids in the same way that stainless steel or enamel is.   When evaluating enameled Dutch ovens, the Chinese Lodge had an inferior quality...
I also have Le Creuset and Staub, and I agree, the Fontignac product (yes, a subsidiary of Staub) is excellent. I would rate it as a bit better than the current breed of Le Creuset and not quite as good as Staub. The only Le Creuset that I have are some terrines which do their jobs excellently, but they lack the refined finish of the Staub. All are much better products than the enameled Lodge which I experimented with a few years ago. I also had a Chinese made product...
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