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Mezzaluna, aside from Suzanne, who I haven't seen post in ages, you're the best. Please don't interpret my exalting of Suzanne as meaning anything less than you. We just have even more history, But both of you are the two most memorable connections (alomg with chrose) that I care about, Oh maybe cape chef too. He REALLY knows his struff, and Pete, he gives sound advice. My father's in the hospital with worsesning emphasema and I had a few drinks to deal with it. ...
There's always a way to beat the F'ing system. PS to Mezzaluna: Would that be what you mean by my puckish sense of humor? :D :D :D Mark
A crisp Chablis. Mark
Pete's right. I'm sorry for straying. Mark
celery root
No substituions
That is a great shirt Chrose! Mark
So when you hired him you weren't prejudiced? You just suddenly developed anti-Iraq-War-Syndrome in the last 5 weeks? What an idiot. And what a disgrace to the honorable soldiers who are in harm's way for our benefit. Mark
Perlina: You're confusion is understandable, particularly given the incomprehensible level of ignorance and fat-phobia that dominates our society. This is NOT a criticism of you, (you are merely the victim of American food neurosis), but your question truly highlights the multiple erroneous asusmptions that people make about food. For starters, cooking food in oil is not AS BAD as the fat-phobes would have you think, IF IT IS DONE RIGHT. And that means bringing the...
Hic! :beer:
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