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I can tell you anything you need to know.  8^)   I'll buy you a beer when you get here and we'll talk.   If you're interested, I'll send you my number in private. 
Stay organized, and DON'T STRESS!!!   The tickets aren't going anywhere.  And they WILL keep coming.  Ticket times are all that matter.   Like he said, oldest first.  But you can't stress if you hear the ticket machine just rolling and rolling.  It's not going to make any of them disappear if you freak out.   Breathe deep.  And just tell yourself it's time to make sh*t happen!   The most important thing I can tell you though, as someone with quite a few...
Man, if I could only count the scars....   You don't have to be new to burn yourself.   Cutting is a different story, and you'll realize that as your knife skills get better.  (huge by the way.... absolutely a must to have knife skills if you want to do this for the rest of your life).    And I disagree with Leeniek.  (No offense Leeniek), but MY personal approach is to practice the things you aren't good at the most.  As long as it's still safe or on...
Burns and cuts come with the job~!   You know you love the scars. 
If you just started..... I'm guessing that you're young.  I'll take a stab in the dark and think so.   As long as you're PROGRESSING...   You won't know if this bull**it is for you or not for a while.    Some of us know immediately.  Others don't.   Never give up!!!  Never ask what you're doing wrong either.  Ask what you can be better at.  THEN DO IT!!   *edited spelling*  can't believe i did that
I agree with Ed... and good for you!    If you love your job, it's worth it.  8^)   By the way, I'm obviously in Seattle too.    Born n' raised!  The food up here is incredible. Beers anyone?
That's why they're my favorite.  Tried and true.    I have Global and Shun too.  Still love my Henckels  
That's a lot of information.  I did not know that.    I just use henckels anyway
If you quarter chickens with it, or have to cleave random stuff on the fly..... or anything with bones in it, for that matter   NO!   I have NOTHING against ceramic knives.  But they serve their purpose.   8^)   -edited- And I'll touch on what boar_d_laze said.....  if you like your knives, fantastic!   We ALL use what we love.  That's what makes chefs different.   Can't go wrong with German steel or vanadium from across the other pond.  Or...
That's just ridiculous.   Actually laughing right now.  8^)
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