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What places should i apply in lake geneva?
**** none within less then 1.5 hours away, well i will start aplplying that direction trying to get one closer. And when i get out that far will apply with them. Thanks Just hope i can find one, keeps going like this i am going to find a resturant and chain all thier doors shut till they hire me :D
Thanks for the link i actually found it. toke me a bit cause the resturant reality check is typed as resturant "reality check" so didnt hit right. also is thier a website for that resturant? So i can find out more info about it.
ok i am lost, cant find the reality check portion. Also anyone know of any resturants anywhere near rockford that hire people with very little experenice like me? Only places around here i can find are places like machine shed, ground round, dennys, and etc. Ok places to learn at but none of them are hiring, and yes i am still filling out a app, at them just in case they lose someone and need to hire. I am willing to drive up to 2 hours if i have to, havent gone that...
Where is a good place to get the cdrom?
lol sorry that last messege soundied like a sale pitch. That is what they tell me. So that is why i turned here for a professinal opion. Cause i dont know what the best kind of metla is the best and which matrial for handles is best. Cause i also have a set a knives from Kendrals knife set that students have to get.
actually already reading everything i can. Currently reading a book that is called The making of a Chef, to make sure i want to go to cullenary school. But actually before they did a update to their website at kendral college you could log into their system as a guest and look at the hands out for the classes and the main book all the classes use is a book called oncooking, i got that plus got the professional chef whish is the book the cia use plus got the onfod and...
Ok to be completely honest, that actually is what i am doing right now is sellig cutco. The prices are a pain and actually in september they are rasing the prices. And to be even more honest about around 65% of the price goes to things like advertising for new reps, reps commison (which is 10%-50% depending on your level, and to the manager) but the great thing is the warrenty, they do actually replace everything. And they say that they forge the metal before they stamp...
Hey i know that it isnt that good. I was just pointing out that they said things turn around as to an explanation as to why they keep showing so many bad things happen. I mean they really didnt show anything good going on so figured thier was something up, so was wondering if if it was so bad no one liked it or if they were using the neagative film as the angle of the series.
hey just saw the comercal for sundays show, and it said the whole thing turns around. SO i will be watching this sunday.
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