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How long and at what temp would u cook a strip loin in a alto shaam overnight for. Its been a while since ive needed to do this thanks
My boss is gone for the week and was wondering what u guy thought of this as a special. Pan seared scallops served with rice, and an andouille, bell pepper, tomato, sauce of some sort. (sort of a jambalaya thing). just a thought, any imput would be apprieted. Thanks always enjoy reading everthing everyone has to say.
Also one way I used to cool stock. waas to take stock id previously forzen and skimed and id that to hot stock. Didnt delute the taste, and cooled very fast.
Just went to four nights of Phish (phish shows are always my vactions) in In and Wis, so ive been lisenting to that lately.
"Nuts" goin to grab something infront of someone
Thanks everyone for the tips, gonna start messin around with the rice this week sometime. Thanks again this should all be helpful.
The smell of a dry well always gets me. Not really gross or gag worthy but I hate that smell; its like nails on a chalk board for me.
Any one have any tips for making Sushi Rice. I have a party for about 180 that we have to do, ive never made it and neither has anyone I work with. We have some time before the party to make it a few times. Any tip would be apprciated. Thanks love this forum.
Top Chef this year is boring and not entertaining at all. At least the cry baby guy made for some funny clips on the Soup. (E! tv show)
Hey glad to find this site. I havent had a computer for a number of years. I look forward to learning and sharing with people with the same love and passion that I have.
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