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I met Mr. Wilson once, and managed to get him to autograph my copy of one of his cook books. I was so happy to get it, I never said a thing about him flirting with my Mrs.! Really a nice guy, and the same off camera as he was on, and doing it before "Bam!" and "Get the F$@# out of my kitchen you DONKEY!" and so many other show boats. @ Developing Taste- I personally have not seen the book. After just reading Amazons description of it, it sounds like something I would...
WillBKool- That barbecued oyster recipe is the bomb! I've put that in front of a bunch of folks, you know the type (Oysters? I don't like oysters!!!), and now they ask if I made any this time!       What I don't like about Prudhommes cook books are that he will call for some measure of "My Magic Seasoning mix" or "My Magic Creole Seasoning". I don't want to have to buy your blasted over priced seasoned salts damn it! I just want a decent kettle of gumbo!
Cajun Cookin? Yes Chef Prudhomme may well be considered the "Bard", but in my swamp, when I want to really show off for friends and family, I go through my Justin Wilson books! These 2 are my favorites;     The Justin Wilson Gourmet and Gourmand Cookbook Justin Wilson's Homegrown Louisiana Cookin'   I believe he compiled 7 cook books.   He was a national treasure that I sorely miss! 100% Louisiana French Cajun, "I Gawr-On-Tee!"
IMO Best Chicago area tacos are from a small, "hole-in-the-wall" place called El Tizon in Bridgeview, at about 9014 S. Harlem Ave. My personal favorite is the Al Pastor.
My wife is a former nurse. She's worked in telemetry, postpartum and orthopedics. IMO, nursing is an incredibly vital yet thankless job, where the nurse becomes the scapegoat (and "whipping boy") for every problem encountered in a hospital. They are given life critical responsibilities and are never compensated in an appropriate manner.  I could go on, but I'll want you to buy the book later any how!  With the exception of the "life critical" responsibilities, chefs are...
Dom Deluise-   Eat This... It'll make you feel better!   My sides still hurt from reading the anecdotes. 
  The issues of cost of goods (good food choices = more $), fresh vs. processed, and consumer education have all been broached.  I would like to suggest also the issues of time and care. Background- My wife and I are foodies. Both of us have worked in restaurants and I currently work for a company that manufactures equipment for use in the fast food restaurant industry. All three of our children cook and have very good palates as well as a better than average...
No it's not Andi! I've had a taste for a good Caramel... Thanks!
Scottish Blend Tea, PG Tips Tea, Good Earth Green Tea, Cafe Du Monde Coffee (Chickory coffee) when available. 
Has anyone here tried substituting vodka for water in larger scale pie crust manufacturing? It tends to give you a lighter crust as opposed to using water. Use of flavored vodkas/schnapps can also add a flavor component to the crust. For a while I was using 99 Bananas schnapps in the crust of some key lime pies. 
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