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I'd highly recommend the NYC's French Culinary Institute's recreational course division:  The International Culinary Center.    Next Sushi/Sashimi class is Friday - March 4th, 2011, 6 - 10pm   $195.   888-324-2433   Classes fill very quickly.   Hope this helps!
Staight vodka.  Nooo - JK!  In a silly mood -- kitchen fried me today.    Mariage Frères Eros, or Marco Polo.  Also, Adagio Fujian Jasmine Pearl.  Nothing added to any of them.  Not even vodka.  ,-) 
Thank you Mezzaluna!   Yes, already enjoying wading about, and thank you for the welcome! 
I rinse a few times, then soak for 30 min. before cooking  Perfect basmati.  I also prefer imported Indian basmati.   EDIT - SORRY-- I somehow mixed up that this ? was for jasmine and not basmati. Ahh - JASMINE - yes, rinse prior (until water goes clear), and not after.  
Just stumbled across this site by way of the Fusionwood knife review by Chef Jim.  (They are awesome knives.  I bought the Phoenix, and love it.)  Happy to have found this site, and looking forward to interacting.  
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