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Peanut Butter with a little bacon fat. It adds a nice touch of smokey without being all modern cuisine, "Oh, it's bacon ice cream. How cliched."
Confit also generally implies that the product to be preserved is slowly cooked in its own fat. By that logic there is no true tomato or onion confit and the same would hold true for cheese and shrimp. Potted meat doesn't have to be cooked strictly in fat, just covered with layer of fat to keep the air out. Not really confit by my definition, rillettes instead , but delicious just the same.
I guess the real question is whether you get to use dairy and eggs? If so, then cheese polenta with a mushroom vin blanc and a nice herb salad on top. Maybe even a vegetarian take on shrimp and grits with nuts replacing the shrimp. I like this with a poached egg on top. If you can't use dairy or eggs, cook the polenta with a nice mix of sweated garlic, shallot, and julienned leak. Sautéed mushrooms, roasted nuts, and roasted beets. Top with arugula. Don't discount...
Vermont is known for cheese, maple syrup, beef, apples, locally grown, sustainable foods. You can get any kind of cheese made by Vermont artisan cheesemakers. You can get tremendous black angus beef. Cheese board has been said already. Mixed grill station is one thought.
I'm a big fan of ground fennel seed and orange zest in my pork rubs. Fennel and Cumin together is the bomb.
For roasts of all kinds I start as hot as my oven will go, 500'F in a convection oven is perfect. Heavily season the outside and roast for fifteen or twenty minutes. Then turn the oven down to 300'F or so and take it to 120'F internal. Crusty outside and medium-rare all the way through.
The best barbecue for barbecue sake is definitely Allen and Son's (Highway 86), but everything else there is lacking. The best barbecue for everything else is The Barbecue Joint (Weaver Dairy Rd.). For upscale dining Fearrington House is very good, but for the cost I'd rather go to Elaine's on Franklin St. right on Franklin St. (Chapel Hill's Main St.). If you want a steak house that's everything you've ever wanted in a steak house try Bin 54 on Raleigh Rd. Chapel Hill and...
As others have said Marsala is a very sweet dessert style wine. So, go ahead and buy a bottle. Use it when it's called for and keep it in a dark place when it's not. It'll last a long, long time.
Chicken and turkey leftovers were made for Mexican food. Use them in enchilades, posole, tacos, tamales, you name it!
Growing up in Kansas City we didn't call them hotdish, just casserole. My family's favorite was a combination of ground beef, american cheese, egg noodles, and a splash of teriyaki (I think). I always abhorred that meal and my father never did understand why. He'd say, "You like ground beef, you like cheese, and you like noodles, what's not to like about them all together?" It just tasted bad; that's what.
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