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The WORST? The worst thing is FOODIES. Hands down. Non-cooks who want to pontificate- and criticize- about a field they're not in, profession they've never trained in, job they don't do, industry they're not part of... but DEMAND to be sen as experts and treated as VIPs.   ...screw them ALL.
Sorry, friend, but if your service is until 3, your customers have a right to expect to be served AT 3. Not that I don't understand the frustration- I DO- but this is the life we chose.
What's the "best knife?" The one YOU want to have in YOUR hand, day in, day out, hour after hour. The rest is nothing but opinion and fluff.
Got me a 10" Forschner that I wouldn't trade for much of nything. It ain't pretty, it ain't fancy, it ain't handmade by a hundred year old Tibetan yak herder over a campfire and it's got a wooden handle so beat up and stained it looks as if it's black plastic with finger grips... but it's my baby, 
-The smell of the grease trap after a seafood night -Really good cuts or burns. -Really good cuts or burns caused by someone ELSE. -Having a screaming meltdown in German to illustrate how sick I am of rude people speaking Spanish and Hatian Patois in my kitchen. -Non cooks telling me what's wrong. -Patients' family members ordering for them, and arguing with staff that the medically ordered diet is "wrong." -Family members eating off patients' plates after...
Anything that doesn't include Ina Garten or Anne Burrell.
I hate it when some jackwagon starts talking to me like he/she and I have something in common because he/she watches Rachel Ray or Paula Deen every day.
The word has a lot of connotations, and in North America, it's used in many ways. For me it would mean the person who's in charge of the food preparation and the kitchen staff. That doesn't necessarily mean that person is the EXECUTIVE Chef, or any of the other million and six titles one might see out there. (Chef Manager, Chef Supervisor, etc...)    So I like to keep it simple. It's more than being a cook. The Chef is  the one in charge.
Ok... having been so pleased with the Paula Deen knives I got, I was happy when shortly afterward, a friend at Church gave me the Rachel Ray three piece set. It was a different experience. The handles- day-glo-orange, naturally, are too soft for my hands, I don't feel like I can "feel" my cuts. The wide blade of the 6 inch santoku is too big for some jobs, too small for others, and I haven't fuind anything "just right." The blades are surprisingly thin and light- but I...
On a whim, mostly because I'm tired of my beloved using the knives as her personal toolbox around the house, (Once saw her using the handle of a nice knife to drive a tack in the wall to hang a picture,)  I put away my "good" knives, and picked up a set of Paula Deen's. I got the three piece set, which came with an 8" chef's knife, a 6" utility knife and a nice little parer. I opted for the black handled set... couldn't quite bring myself to buy the red ones. Full tang,...
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