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Thank you again for the advice. I ordered an enamel coated dutch oven. And decided to go with a larger pan as well. By the way what is the difference between a saucier and a saute pan with a lid? When i looked at them online it was hard to tell. I think my stockpot is 12 quarts and no it has no inserts. i also have a larger one that i may be getting out of storage as my children get older and therefore eat more.
A day at the races. i love the marx brothers.   "Nature, Mr. Allnut, is what we are put in this world to rise above."
Thank you very much.
thank you for the advice. maybe it would be better for me to do reviews that way then.
Do you have to be a professional chef or highly experienced in the food industry in order to review cookbooks? i have little to no training but i do love to read and i would enjoy writing about the books. another potential problem; i am a vegetarian and therefore are limited in the types of recipes i would be able to reproduce. would that be a problem?
hello it's nice to meet you too.
just the other day i had read the study from ucdavis but i did not know about a lawsuit.
I forgot to add my quote "'Twas beauty killed the beast."
Jaws obviously one of my favorite movies ever. 2 and 3 i don't know is the fourth McClintock!
I registered yesterday and have already done a couple post and started one thread but i thought i would introduce myself and this seemed the place to do it. i'm a stay at home mom who loves to cook and bake more than she really gets too. Most of my cooking and baking is for my family who are my toughest critics. i would love to someday open a small cafe but who knows what's in store. anyway i've already learned a lot just by reading the forums and wiki's so i think i'll...
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