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Thanks for the tips guys.  I am going to check some of these places out!   CDF
Every food has its time and place.  Knowing what your clientele will expect when and where is the final stage of development for a chef.  Are we to pretend that we eat only the very best most wholesome and perfectly prepared products all the time and accept nothing shy of outstanding?  Only ever have kings of nations had this luxury and even them not all the time.     In line with much of the pretentious standards I see insisted upon on this site all US solders in...
I don't have these knives.  But I love the concept.  Especially practical for a traveling chef.
That is really neat looking work, Kristopher.  I just purchased the same sabatier knife and now I want mine to look like that.  How did you do that?  Is it just as easy as putting the mustard on?  How long do you leave it on?     Do tell.   CDF
Iceman, you are right.  Everyone knows you are right.  It is both really unhealthy and a sin to eat whale.  Its also every bit as bad to eat scallops but no one seems to know or care about that.  Why is it so bad to eat scallops?  320 days out of a year a giant beam with spikes all over it is drug across the ocean bed destroying the garden and killing the creatures - even the ones not caught.  The ocean garden never has time to recover and we get a hand full of scallops...
Yup... You are right Meez en Plaz.  I have no excuse.  I said that.  I guess I imagend that if Viva's kitchen dose not have an oven than it must not have a lot of things.  I still think you could hold them on the counter for... I don't know, hours.  Long enough to get through service at least?  What else could you do in a kitchen that (maybe) only has a microwave?  -Sterno chaffer is a good idea though.   CDF 
  Looks really good huh,  It was not good.  Tasted like gamey liver.  I even soaked in in milk for 12 hours.        I'm wondering if anyone likes cooking whale and how they do it, but frankly I'll never mess with it again.  Just a touristy thing to try once.     BTW this whale was a type that is not endangered and is sustained (so I was told by the seller).
I am going to Chicago for a few days..  I'm looking for a uniquely Chicago dining experience (maybe two).    Can someone recommend a fine dining type place?  Where would you go if you had never been to Chicago for dining?   Thanks...
That is some great info FoodPump.  Lots of stuff there that I did not know.   However, if you make a ganache with butter it will be sort of hard when it cools, you can coat with it anyway.  And you are right - tempering looks scary but is pretty easy.   As far as the coating chocolates go, I've been told that paraffin wax is a common additive - yum.     CDF
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