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A few more I've thought of recently:   deer sausage on the flat top fish frying wine reducing
There's nothing different between the fibrox and rosewood Forschners, apart from the handle. The fibrox feels a bit bulky and very cheap, but you can throw it in the dishwasher if you want to. The rosewood actually has a pretty nice handle on it. I have an 8" rosewood chef's. It's not going to take the sharpest edge, but the fact that it has a much thinner blade than anything else in it's price range will make it "act" sharper.
  Thanks for the suggestion, and the well wishes. We're leaving in less than two weeks, and the restaurants that we've decided on thus far are Le Bernardin, Peter Luger, and Aureole (good post-theatre prix fixe deal). We're also going to go to Cafe Boulud and Bouley for lunch. We're just going to wing it the rest of the time.   Thanks everyone for the input. I'll be sure to share my experiences after I get back.  
FWIW, "IYAM" means "if you ask me".   And I think we're going to have to agree to disagree on the definition of a "celebrity chef". You seem to think that anyone that cooks on TV is a celebrity chef. However, I believe that you must be a chef to be a celebrity chef. If we need to go into the definition of a chef, then we can. Sandra Lee isn't a chef, no matter how you slice it.   Your arguement, by extention, would mean that Joe down at the local dive is a...
Statistics fail, IYAM.
I notice that there are two other Japanese made options on the BBB website. Tamahagane and Masahiro. Anyone have any experience with either?   As far as Shun vs. Global, I would go with the one that feels the best in your hand. For me it was Global.
Sounds like a perfect breakfast on a morning like this. Too bad I'm stuck in the office   Thanks for the recipe.
Celebrity? Yes.   Chef? No. Not at all. Not even close.   I can't possibly see how you respect someone that insist on telling Americans that mediocrity is the goal of cooking. She doesn't try to hide it; she knows her food sucks. But she also knows there are enough people out there like you that will drink it up and come out the other side thinking she's a genius for opening a can of beans and pouring melted Velveeta all over it. She preaches to unsuspecting housewives...
Iceman, I won't argue that point. But I think it begs the question: more successful at what? Do you really regard her as someone reputable in the culinary world? Do you consider her a bastion of American cuisine?
So since Sandra Lee has a TV show, she is a better chef than Thomas Keller?
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