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I've been to your sites.... very nice!  
I like your coloring. Nice shades! When you put the frozed plack on the cake it doesn't sweat and bleed color onto the cake? Just curious. I can remember having butter cream sweating out color in the cooler.
Thank you so much!
I used this MMF recipe on my youngest daughters wedding cake and I can tell you it is easy to make and use to both mask a cake and decorate with.
If you're looking for recipes and example gallery's and video "how to's" and even a decent forum I would suggest going to Cake Central and spend some time there navigating around. There's many articles (some with video) on how to do things. Just go check it out, it's free.  
Hi Larry, welcome aboard!
#7  That's a good description of color flow. :)   #8  That's a real nice graphic to use. It's a great candidate for color flow.   #9  Makes a point not to be overlooked. You have to be carefull about registered trademarks.
Many apologies my friends. The recipe was given to me by an old baker friend of mine and when asked where he took it from I found out that it was from a familiar source to me.. The armed forces recipe service. I looked it up in my AFRS recipe index and found it to be an exact match. So I guess I "have" used it before. I would have recognized it once I used it. He admitted that all of the recipes he had sent to me (typed into a Word file) were from the AFRS. He reminded...
This is also possible with rolled fondant. You would have to make patterns of the main parts of the picture and a pattern of the outline of the entire emblem. You would have patterns for the yellow parts, the blue part, and brown parts as well as a bigger pattern for the whole thing. the fondant or gum paste would be colored to the desired colors and rolled out to about 1/8 of an inch before being cut into individual pieces of the puzzle. The colored pieces would be...
That doesn't look much like an edible image printed on a printer though. It looks more like a piece that was made with a color flow technique and placed ofn the finished cake. That would be very easy if you could get a decent straight on shot of the logo and place it under a piece of nonstick parchment for color flow. below is a link if you're not familliar with color flow. I've built many such placks with color flow. The Wilton link is very basic but hte rest is self...
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