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The wife was able to save one last year using that method. It was the first time we had ever encountered the beasties. Now we at least know they exist. I'm just afraid we may not get em in time.    
Squash vine borers got our squash last year. Been watching the underside of leaves closely and got a few. Anybody got suggestions on preventing this years crop from meeting a similar fate?
A1C of 6% is great. 2hr postprandial (after meal) blood glucose should be under 145. Glucose level15 min after a big ol breakfast doesn't really give you much info. Congrats on the good report!
Little late based on the post dates but here's my 2 cents. Fasting glucose of 100 is pushing toward the high range but would be acceptable norm by many standards. Diabetes is a killer, literally. If you're husband's doctor is really concerned about his fasting glucose, he should consider running a Hgb A1C and or sending him for a GTT (glucose tolerance test). These are the true diagnostic indicators for diabetes. As a nurse nothing is more irritating than doctors that...
Plan on smoking a picnic ham, 8.5 lbs. Good 1/2 inch fat on it plus skin (on one side). Gonna give it a good rub and definitely leave the fat, but should I remove the skin to get the rub onto the fat or no?
We did indeed (it's what turned me on to this forum) here's the link. I found BDL's recipe for skordalia to be the winner (for me). Give it overnight in the fridge to "set up" the potatoes take on the garlic flavor, spreading it without killing it. Use 1 whole head of garlic and don't omit the vinegar.  
I could be way off my rocker but I read somewhere that "hypnotizing" a lobster by holding it's head down is the result of blood shifting out of it's open circulatory system. Lobsters are cold blooded and like any cold blooded animal more docile when they are cold. Sticking em in the fridge makes them a bit lethargic thus less flapping. For those of you squeamish about killing the lobster remember your salad is still alive when your eating it. Ive heard it said that...
This may sound weird but very often death is the expected outcome- My wife (also a nurse) frequently comments that we don't save lives, we prolong the inevitable. It comes for us all. One of the most difficult yet satisfying things a nurse will ever do is to assist patients and families through the dying process.   Deep frying your legs? That can't be good.   TBN  
At 22 I'm guessing you haven't been working long in the field. Just want to throw out some economics- Nursing low entry barrier, (even lower since you already have the degree) relatively high starting pay, limitless options. Don't get me wrong it is hard. I've been a nurse for almost 14 yrs all of it in an ED or inpatient setting. I was lucky to fall into what I wanted to do at 19. I have had many students/orientees who are not built for inpatient nursing, but make great...
I second jazzcooks method. Pizza stone is the way to go, make sure you pre-heat it long enough. If you have a gas oven the oven will reach 500 degrees long before the stone does. Heat the stone to 500. As to flavoring the dough, I always add garlic powder or granulated garlic to the flour when making. Good results, don't find it has any real effect on the yeast activity. Additionally a lot of dough flavor is the result of the yeast itself. The longer the rise time the...
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