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wellcome to the best chef sit on the net ..... i found this sight around 5 mon ago .....I dont get o do mush posting besause of my work . I'm allso a line cook ben in the buzz for around 20 year now . it in my blood and i love ever min of ever crazy day . I've done all kind of cooking from fast food to fine dining...
:D lol ya turn up the valum
Hi all:D I dont have aney tattoo... but i think there cool..... my best friend has a rose on her left arm.... to cover up a burn scar it got a lot of fine detail to it.... one of these day i'll have one but for now NO:bounce:
hi chef I´ve ben faceing the same thing here ... but the most costlee thing ring now in fresh veg and fruit lettes has gone frome 20 $ to 50 in mich that just to name one that I can think of .... P.S beef in hight right now but egg´s are cheap and so is seafood :eek:
hi guy's it been a long moth...i've ben so busey working in my garden.and runing the road... when i'm not working that it not funny:p I've kind of mised out on all the fun stuff ....:bounce: I've got good new .. i was told last saterday that i was going to get to help open up a new place ,,it going to be a seafood cajon style place. so i've ben doing a lot looking aroud on the interent to get some ideal for this place..... wish me luck ...
ok guy's i love moon pies but has aney one every nad a banna flip?? now those are relly good :D sorry but i hade to ask:bounce:
HI Pete My tomatoes are starting to ripen to we had a one whith are diner tonight it was sooooooo good :D and thare nothing better then growin them you self :lips: there are a few green one that i tock of the vine for cook.... I love green fryed tomato whith my cornbread and fryed chicken but I*'ve got way over 20 tomatoes plants and thay have a lot of on them :lips: :cool: so i think i be making so salsa this year .......
oka boy's you both being bad now:p but if it flot your boat enjoy:D
thank chefHogan i know your right about that ....I whish the boss whould just stay out of my kitchen and out of my way ... the man is a good whith the money ... but all he manges to do is up set my crew and get in the way:mad: :rolleyes:
OK guy's I feel asleep .......So i missed the hole d*m show..... But from what i just read. it sound like it was BAD:rolleyes:
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