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Well,  Poaching a steak is tricky. Sous Vide is Tricky. You should definately re-post in couple days, let us know what ya came up with. I'm interested. 
Thanks for the info guys. Not going to lie, its hard to find the right, "hook." so to speak. However, I have also been getting a lot of good reviews too. I even was contacted by the local newspaper to put out a couple recipes, and they did do an article on me when I first started. It was pretty nifty. However, I am doing the mashed potatoes, pot roast...etc. I have been doing that for  couple months now. Just this last week I threw some new stuff at them. Potato Leak...
Ok, I work at an assisted living facility and I replaced the old chef because she was ordering stuff premade and just throwing it in the oven. So They hired me to be creative and to stay under budget. I'm not going to lie. Im really start to be creative, and just going all out on the the freshness, and well today, I get feedback that everything I was proud to make, such as a roasted beet salad, and yes I roasted and peeled the beets myself, soups all from scratch even...
Hello Everybody! Enjoy this site. Its baller.
knowledge is power
Im going to be working for thanksgiving, however, when I am home for the holidays I refuse to cook. Sometimes its nice to have some one else cook for you. Was wondering if any of you Chefs, linecooks...etc feel the same way or do you cook for your family?
you can take the horse to the river, doesn't mean he will neccisarilly take a drink. Sounds like you should use your talents elsewhere.    
I'm from the minnesota area. I worked downtown Minneapolis. when I was 19 and I started there at 9.25 hr. However, my first two jobs line cooking, I made 6.50/hr. and 7.00 hr. 8.50/hr is ok starting out. It takes time. I am now 22 and right now Im working for 12.50 hr. My last jobs I was making 14 hr., 13.5 hr, and 12 and hr. Keep your head down, and knife sharp. You'll get there.
Yeah. its tough. I'm way over budget. However, Im getting a lot of bulk stuff ordered, and the less processed the better. Its pretty challenging. These guys like meat, and potato. Which is easy enough, however, its easy to just give steak, potato, vegie, brownie every wednesday, meatloaf every friday,..etc. just looking for some insight. I saw the last menu, it wasn't too great. Really no inspiration found with it.
Good Day Folks. I just got my first kitchen manager job last month. I am 22 years old. I am cooking for the elderly in an assisted living facility. serve 35 people lunch and dinner and only have about 3000 to work with for food. Any ideas as far as main entree items go. I have kind of hit a brick wall.   Any and all Ideas welcome please,   Thank you,   skizz44
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