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If my memory serves me - I think I remember doing cake mixes from a box - that it did either 2 layer cake pans or 1 - 9 by 13 - My round pans are 8.5 inches.  I would suggest trying the 9 by 13. and just test near the end of baking time. You may have to bake a little longer   Carol D
I used to start with butter, whip with a hand mixer, then add icing sugar and a LITTLE milk, repeating with icing sugar and milk until I got the right consistency, also a tsp of vanilla.  For chocolate icing just add cocoa powde and milk to the icing sugar - you would have to play with the quantities.   Never had a problem with them being runny - hope this helps
Hi I just bought a Kitchenaid - Have read that they had started using plastic gears, but switched back to metal gears - mine has metal - not enough experience to tell you whether it is worth buying for bread.  still have to play with it - if used at the right speed and amount of flour it isn't supposed to be problematic.  Regards
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