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Did you get to watch a clam dig into the sand, or did you only get to see the results?  I figure I could sit and watch one for hours if it actually did anything worth watching (like digging).    Sharks are only scary when they're alive.   Oh, yeah, um, thanks for the invite on the awesome vacation. 
Don't listen to these naysayers.   I brine all my meats in my washing machine.  I tenderize beef by tumbling it in the dryer, and I steam my veggies by spraying down the compressor on my central air unit in the summer. 
The knife is sharp, it's just that the bevel is not "obvious".  If it's indeed a convex edge, that explains why I can't find it. Thanks for the info, as always.
BDL,   Am I crazy (okay, yes), or does the Forschner not really have an edge bevel  I can't find it, or if I am finding it, it seems less than 10 degrees (closer to 5 if I'm really guessing).  Or is it my job to create a bevel?
I saw the "secret recipe" for KFC discussed on one of the food shows.  They have two companies each mix half the ingredients, then the two are mixed together.  So, in theory, no one knows the ingredients and amounts.    For most products, they have to list the actual ingredients, but for some reason, "spices" are allowed to be listed instead of the actual spices.
I'm going to try to avoid huge spoilers (such as the winner), but I'm sure I'll end up revealing who was in the final 2, so if you haven't watched that far, you might want to skip this.   I absolutely LOVE Whitney.  She is extremely attractive, humble, intelligent, and just looks "perfect".  I expect to see much more of her in the future, not necessarily in cooking.  She has a stage presence, a "girl next door" appeal, and that southern drawl.   However, what...
A 36" grill is plenty if you're cooking 5 burgers at a time.  a 36" grill is plenty if you're going to have one person tending the grill and he/she can only handle 36" and you're cooking one item only (all the same temp).  If you're going to need multiple cooking zones, then a 36" grill can get small pretty quickly, especially if it's your only cooking station.   As for the glamshell style grills (and I've only seen the griddles in a commercial environment), to get...
I don't recall seeing Angelo's ego.  IMHO, he was cleared to cook, he gave it everything he had, and he competed strongly.  A bad day (of any type) on that show will send you packing.  While Angelo had an illness, I don't believe the show should have waited for him (or anyone).  There are simply days when we're better than others, physically, mentally, creatively, etc.  At some point, you have to deal in "absolutes".  In this case, the schedule was laid out beforehand...
I'm glad to hear things worked out.  Yes, the repairman was selling you on how HE could fix your problem and charge you an arm and a leg without it being his fault.  He almost got you.  Good job on getting an alternate estimate.
BDL,   As always, you have posted some great information.  Seeing the two types in the same post makes it very clear what the difference is.  Can you explain push cuts and handle pumping?  Please go to 9:10 into this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D9Qzz8R_J1c and it's our buddy Alton Brown showing his method of "chopping".  Is that "handle pumping"?  His method would seem to prefer a German edge far over a French edge -- or profile or whatever.    As I'm...
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