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The "cuisine" will be non-cuisine.  It'll be a mixture of Americanized Italian dishes and "American" food.  The food would be similar to Chili's and Olive Garden, and in that general price range.  Pete's gonna be my new burger chef if he'll move out to the middle of the sticks and leave that liberal stuff in CA (and work for $10/hour, which I'm sure is right near what he makes now :) ).  80-100 seats. Right now, I'm thinking about 4 servers, 1 bus/dish guy, and two cooks...
I'm in the process of a business plan to open a restaurant.  I'm trying to do my due diligence in research but am not finding metrics using google (probably just searching incorrectly).   I'm looking for data on how many covers a line cook should be able to produce during a rush, how much prep time is associated with a cover, how many covers one cook should be able to tend simultaneously, etc.    Does anyone know of a reference site with such types of info?
What looked unappealing?  You might consider boiling them for a while, then tossing on the sheetpan or grill, so you don't have to spend as much time in the broiling zone.  However, without knowing what was unappealing, it's hard to offer suggestions.  The other thing that seems to go very well with sweet potatoes is brown sugar.  A light dusting with the brown sugar under the heat might give you a better caramel color.    (Note: I don't eat the blasted things, so I...
It's odd that I want someone asking me for my drink order before my butt hits the chair.  I'm thirsty!  Of course, I am eating at joints that are $10-15 per person, not upscale stuff.  Also, getting the food out quickly is fine with me.  They can drop the "check" off as soon as I place my order for all I care.  I don't order alcohol and I don't eat desserts.  :)  
I think y'all are missing the important part of the equation -- HOW MUCH MONEY? For the right amount of money, I'd have sex with a cactus.  If it's a pretty cactus, I might do it for free :)
Since I'm having fun with you guys, (me) tossing out all these nutty ideas, I wanted to add another one.  I'm unfortunately, serious, so PLEASE tell me how stupid it is (and WHY it's stupid).   I really want induction.  I can buy 2 of these 30" ranges for the price of a 60" commercial range with two ovens.  I realize the commercial unit should hold up better over time, but dangit, the only commercial induction cooktop I could find was $19k and required 3 phase...
I've thought about an open kitchen (at least I think that's what it would be called), but if so, I'm not sure if I don't need to reverse the layout so that the cook is facing the guests when cooking.  I like the way Macaroni Grill is set up.  My kitchen wouldn't be as big, but I would consider their kitchen setup to be "open".  However, they go through a TON of skillets and never reuse one.  I assumed I could just get something cooked, wipe the skillet out and go again. ...
It's cheaper than marrying her, and her getting half your stuff in the divorce.  Unless she's rich, in which case, marry her and take half of her stuff! :)  
I do hope you moved your glasses down to the end of your nose and looked down at me while typing that :).  Yes, my BEST KNIFE is a Forschner.  I've never worked in a kitchen where I didn't use the knives provided.    I didn't realize that the CCs made a double bevel.  I assumed they were the same bevel with a different "grit". The manual says stage two is "honing", FWIW (yeah, I know, it's not honing).   
I love your fiance already!  Take her to a hockey game, especially if she HATES hockey, and propose on the jumbotron :).   
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