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Congrats.  Color me extremely jealous. 
Thanks.  What exactly are "clogs"?  I assumed ankle boots would be good (ankle support) and good resistance to most everything.  When I think clogs, I think of slip-in sandals, which I doubt is what y'all are referring to.   As a side note, I absolutely wish this thread would be in a non-chef's area.  I feel dirty posting in here, though I have worked in a restaurant kitchen, I don't know that I deserve to post in a "professional chefs" forum.   
Have you used one?  I've been curious about the Electrolux, but haven't found anyone with long-term usage of one that can report on durability, etc.  
I don't know about the Hobart N50, but the A200 (20 qt) and the A120 (12 qt) both use differently geared transmissions.  IOW, you change gear ratios, whereas with the Kitchenaid, you don't change gears, you just feed the motor more "juice".  Neither the A120 nor the A200 mixers are for the occasional baker (unless you have lots of unused space).  The 20 qt comes in a tall (floor standing) or short (counter top, if you will) version.  I think the 12qt is only a counter...
Having never worn chef clothing, is there anything "special" about chef pants?  I know the coats have pockets for thermometers and such, but do the pants have any special utility features?  Business casual pants aren't good for doing a lot of squats or getting on your knees to get to certain things.  Jeans just aren't comfortable in a hot kitchen.  Jackets look very uncomfortable (the word "jacket" in a hot kitchen is enough to make me squirm).  Are there any lightweight...
From 25 years ago, when I worked at McDonald's fine dining (a joke), we always replied with "thank you".  To this day, I can't get my wife to acknowledge me.  If I say it twice, I get "I heard you the first time" and if it doesn't happen I get "I didn't hear you".  I find myself using "thank you" in everyday life as a response indicating "I heard you, but no reply is needed".  I like the "friendly" nature of the reply and a verbal acknowledgement.   
As a bit of an introduction, I'm 40 years old, married with two small children.  I work in the IT industry and must continue to, in order to support my family.  However, I really enjoy restaurants.  I have worked in a couple of large pizza chains, owned a very small pizza joint in my youth, and have worked as a server --- none of which have been in the last 15 years.  I want to open my own restaurant, but am not ready to risk my retirement fund without good experience...
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