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Thanks. Hitting F5 did the trick for a few seconds.
I don't know if anyone else is having the problem, but when I use Firefox 4.0, I can't see a cursor in the box where text is entered. Special formatting also seems to be on the fritz, no bold, italics or even hitting enter to break up paragraphs.  No problems using Chrome so it seems limited to Firefox 4. Never had any problems with 3.x.  
I agree with the others...way more work than benefit. I have several pieces of stainless lined Mauviel and two very old tin lined sauce pans that have all essentially become wall decorations. 
I'm one of those folks who buys raw milk. The legal workaround for the dairy farmer is to sell "shares" of the cow. Kind of like a bovine timeshare. Every industry seems to have it's share of people who try to work under the table, whether legal or illegal. I owned a retail store for nearly two decades. It seemed like people would pop up selling out of their garage almost weekly. Once the internet took off, things got even worse.  Eventually, the suppliers had to crack...
Over on The Fresh Loaf, Fibrament and Cordierite stones seem to be the most highly regarded. I've had a custom fit Fibrament-D stone for about a year and it's done a great job.
I don't know if it's true now, but when I was in school, classes were in the early AM, and virtually all of us had afternoon and evening jobs in the kitchen. There really wasn't a lot of time for much more than a couple of drinks after service with the crew from the same restaurant.  Then there's the fact that the dining room was filled with women who got off at roughly the same time and didn't smell like they had just spent eight or ten hours working in a kitchen.
I don't know if it got it's start there or if the writers just picked up on something already going on, but poaching fish in a dishwasher was one of the things Tim and Al did during a Tool Time segment of Home Improvement. boar_d_laze hit it right on the head. It's just a silly way to cook en pappiote. Ranks right up there along with cooking on an engine block, or hot asphalt in the ridiculous television stunt department.  It may work...but why would you really want to...
2% milk and bottled orange juice with breakfast followed by two pots of pre-ground Wegman's store brand coffee made in a Mr. Coffee drip machine that's twenty years old if it's a day. The morning is more about quantity than quality for me. If I want coffee in the evening, I may drag out the Bodum French press and grind up some decent coffee for it. Never, ever in the mornings.
  I feel the same way.  Here's a site from a guy who built one on the cheap: It has a nice bibliography and links to a fellow who sells plans and specialty parts.
What they (servers) have to worry about is being sent home early and losing their income for the night entirely. What employer is going to keep a $13.00 an hour employee standing around doing side work that a minimum wage busboy could be doing? Right now, being able to pay sub minimum wage actually works as a bit of a safety net for employers. If it's a slow night, they don't lose a fortune in wages. Meanwhile, they're able to keep a reasonable dining room staff on hand...
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