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Hmm what were you expectations going into this programme. The whole point is to be taught how to stand on your own. In real life situations do you think chefs in the kitchens will be watching over you to make sure you get it right? Holding your hands every step of the way?   Grow up. ( sorry that was harsh)    Its not a language school why would you be trying to learn French in a class taught in English.  Yes, schools have to make money to survive. A 12 person...
    I'm not confident in my French. I wouldn't risk going in as an undocumented worker( this has been suggested before). I could visit, but I think  full immersion would benefit me in the long run. Don't think 5 months, with french instructors would be too much to my detriment. I've thought of just doing a stage, i've weighed the pros and cons. The cons keep winning. 
Maybe it's time to leave.
  ^^^^   The question was "restricted",...because I dont want information on all culinary schools, I wanted more personal information on the 3 schools mentioned, something outside of the brochures. If possible names of  any other like institutions( in Europe) people might have information on.   I also asked for personal experiences, you provided that so thank you. Also im not American, I also dont live in bubbles.
Hi, I'm new to the board. Been working in kitchens for 7 yrs. Trying to broaden my horizons, move out of my comfort zone and really push myself, before I wake up and realise too late that i'm still just another (easily replaceable) cook in someones kitchen.   
Anything, you want to offer...advice about living costs in either country, the people, certification tests...anything. Great places to eat.     Anything!
Stella was nice
Hi. I'm new to the board, but not the industry, worked in restaurants and hotel for 7yrs   I did an associates degree in culinary arts straight out of school(16-18) , but it was very badly run and I spent more time in theory classes(learning law?!?!) than in the kitchen. I've not had the opportunity to work under any good chefs in any interesting kitchens. So my skills haven't developed as far as i thought they would have 7yrs in. I'm young enough to change my bad...
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